Formative is a very useful tool for creating new digital assessments that don’t require a student login. Rich with features that allow for authentic student response, this tool is versatile and easy to use. Formative also has very nice feedback features and strong user support.
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Formative Intro Video

Screenshot of a Sample Formative Assessment



Just the Facts

Embeddable: Yes

Student Login Required: No

Share Options: Through embed, through class code, through login.

Google Classroom Integration: Yes

Cost: Yes, for teachers and students. Can contact regarding district implementation.

Question Types: 4 basic question types, BUT given the ability to add content and to transform docs/pdfs, the possibilities are much higher.

Standards Available: Sort of. See video above.

Feedback Options: Yes

Ease of Use: Somewhat Easy

Support Resources: Helpful in-item support, in-tool live-support, dedicated learning space with great video and gif support.

User Community/Library: Yes, community of active users with profiles, contact info, and videos.

Why I Like It

1. Ease of use and user support.
2. Multiple ways to share and access assessments.
3. Show Your Work question type is very versatile.
4. Ability to convert docs and pdfs to Formative.
5. Ability to insert content pieces to form passage-based assessments.
6. Ability to insert multimedia via embed.
7. Ability to insert handdrawn features and annotated images.
8. Ability to directly add YouTube videos via link.
9. Great real-time student monitoring.
10. Real-time student feedback piece.

Why I Would Use It

1. Quick formative assessments, requiring feedback.
2. For assessments that need annotation features.
3. For highly interactive, multimedia-based assessments.
4. Anytime I want to sidestep the need for class logins.
5. Anytime I want to include someone outside my class.
6. Anytime I want to repurpose a pre-Web 2.0 assessment.

Resources to Get You Started

Formative Learning Space 20 ways to Use Formative Common Sense Review Check Out What’s Coming