Classkick is a great assignment delivery and monitoring system that allows teachers to create learning activities that students can interact with independently. Teachers can monitor student progress in real time. Students can raise their hands for help or feedback. Teachers can also enable students to support one another anonymously.
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Classkick Intro Video

Screenshot of a Sample Classkick Assessment


Just the Facts

Embeddable: No

Student Login Required: No

Share Options: Via class code or assignment link.

Google Classroom Integration: Yes

Cost: Free. For more features, there are Plus and Pro accounts that begin at $299/teacher/year.

Question Types: For the free account, it is all open-ended questions. No built-in objective question types with autograding.

Standards Available: No

Feedback Options: Yes! Lot’s of ways to give feedback, AND for peers to give anonymous feedback!

Ease of Use: Easy

Support Resources: Very nice and personalized support features when first creating account. Lots of supports built in including videos, pedagogical supports, case studies, etc.

User Community/Library: None to speak of.

Why I Like It

1. Awesome tool for student-centered work.
2. Fantastic feedback features for both teachers and peers.
3. Great tool selection for individualizing responses.
4. Simple interface can be used at all learner-levels.
5. Easy to share assessments with other teachers to use.
6. Hand-raising feature allows students to indicate when they need support.
7. Teacher view of student progress is intuitive and easy to manage.
8. Real-time collaboration features are impressive.
9. Works seamlessly among iPads, Chromebooks, laptops and PCs.
10. Link-based sharing makes this adaptable to LMS’s.

Why I Would Use It

1. For student-centered work.
2. For times when I want to include student feedback.
3. In stations work for elementary.
4. For assessments that require open-ended answers.
5. For formative checks of skills-development.
6. For student brainstorming/idea development.
7. For storyboarding creative projects.

Resources to Get You Started

Classkick Teacher Resources Common Sense Review Classkick YouTube Channel