Loom is a screen capture tool that students can use to show their understanding of a concept either by recording themselves or their screens as they demonstrate learning. This tool allows users to point at particular moments in their videos and add comments. Their peers and teachers can then add comments as well. Loom has many share options and connects to G Suite and Outlook accounts.
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Loom Intro Video

Screenshot of a Sample Loom Video

Just the Facts

Embeddable: Yes

Student Login Required: Yes

Share Options: Via Twitter, Facebook, unique URL, embed and download.

Google Classroom Integration: No

Cost: Free, with premium features available.

Question Types: Open-ended.

Standards Available: No

Feedback Options: Yes, through comments features.

Ease of Use: Easy

Support Resources: Good introductory videos. FAQ page. Help Center. Use cases.

User Community/Library: None to speak of.

Why I Like It

1. Very intuitive screen recorder.
2. Allows users to create free screencasts.
3. Connects to G Suite and Outlook accounts.
4. Allows password protection of videos.
5. Allows download of videos (MP4).
6. Comments section makes experience interactive.
7. Ability to add notes at particular times, and jump to them.
8. Ability to pause and continue recording.
9. Ability to record screen, user or particular tab.
10. Ability to embed or share via social media.

Why I Would Use It

1. When I want my students to demonstrate something on the computer.
2. When I am interested in hearing my students’ voice.
3. When I want students to do a digital demonstration.
4. When I want to be able to comment on student videos.
5. As a quick exit ticket or check for understanding.

Resources to Get You Started

Loom Help Center Schrock Guide to Screencasting Ultimate Screencasting Guide