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Fall Festival Resources

In 2005, members of the EVSC EdTech Grant created several projects in conjunction with the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. These projects were primarily based in 3-5 grade math, but you may find resources here that could be useful in many areas.

If you would like to share a project to be posted here, please send it to [email protected].

Munchie Math

Munchie Math PowerPoint
Preview Slide of Munchie Math Power Point

In this interactive PowerPoint, you can browse the food booths of EVSC schools, complete with prices for all of your favorite Munchies!

Use prices to create scavenger hunt style word problems. Have students price and determine a total for their favorite menu. Give students a set amount of money, and ask them to make their selections accordingly.

This map could be used with the whole class via projector/aver key or as an individual computer station for students. Give the class a mission and then take them to the computer lab for Munchie Math!

Fall Festival Math PowerPoints

Fall Festival Probability PictureThese “Problem of the Day”-style PowerPoint’s have some great photos from Fall Festival 2005. The accompanying math problems are ready-made. Display them on your aver key or projector to engage your students in problem-solving inspired by their favorite rides, food and games.

Created by the Third Grade Team at Vogel – Alice Wootton, Ellen Hopkins, Connie Waters, Paula Courtney, and Cathy Witte.

Probability with Elvis the Mouse

An exclusive video of the Fall Festival’s favorite rodent – Elvis the Mouse.Watch this video with your class to start a teachable moment on probability. With 24 colors to choose from, what is the chance that Elvis will go to the color you put your quarter on? How much better are your odds with two quarters? Download the accompanying chart to print for your students, and use 4 dice to re-enact Elvis’ run.

Download Elvis Probability Chart


Daniel Wertz Freak-Out

A bit more of a stretch to find the math…

This video just chronicles the bravery of a few courageous Daniel Wertz teachers that rode the Freak-Out.

If you have any Fall Festival Resources you would like to share, leave a comment below or contact Jerrad.

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