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4 Great Ways to add Digital Posters to Your Virtual Lessons

If you are looking for a great way for your students to share what they’ve learned during your virtual lessons, a digital poster may be just what the virtual doctor ordered.

There are lots of great tools for creating visual representations of ideas online. Here are 4 of our favorites based on ease of use, expense (all are free or freemium), and learning potential:

Quotes Cover

One super-simple tool for making posters is Quotes Cover. ┬áIt is free and simple to use. While it doesn’t have the same range of applications as the other tools on this post, it does make very nice posters that feature quotes. This could be useful if you want students to write a very brief response, to share an important fact or passage from a reading, or to create a persuasive claim or thesis statement.

Here is an example:




One of our favorite new tools is Canva. With Canva, students can design very engaging visuals to demonstrate learning. Canva requires a log-in, but the tool can be used for free and it offers an amazing array of resources and templates to work with. They also offer paid resources, but any project made without these is free to share and download. Users can also upload their own resources. One of our favorite features of Canva is that it includes design tutorials for users.

Here is an example:

Tim Wilhelmus Speakers Bureau Slide


If you want students to have more versatility in being able to create learning objects such as infographics, a great free tool is Piktochart. It will require a login, but it is free to use. Piktochart’s interface is easy to learn and is similar in some ways to Canva’s. It offers lots of free templates and resources, and it includes the ability to upload your own images. Students can add all kinds of features including graphs, videos, and images. Students can then share their work with you in multiple ways.

Here is an example:


If you are looking for a simple tool that has more applications, Smore is a great fit. It requires a log-in, but it’s free account is very versatile. Users can easily create posters that include text, hyperlinks, photos, videos, audio, picture galleries, forms, and more. The interface is highly intuitive, and students can share their completed posters with you in lots of ways.

Here is an example:

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