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Tools for Making Long Website Links Short

Sharing website links with students and parents can be a simple activity for the most part. Directing people to long links however can be challenging and simplified with a tool called a URL Shortener. This post will explore several simple URL Shorteners which can be used to make your links shorter. These links can be shared with others and are manageable to type if necessary. Goo.gl – (Resource is no longer available) is a URL shortener provided by Google. With goo.gl you can enter a long link and the site will create a short link that begins with goo.gl/ and has your unique site info after the / . Here is an example of one that I created which leads to the ICATS site – evscicats.com via http://goo.gl/j2Jz1V. Without an account you can go to Goo.gl – (Resource is no longer available) enter your long URL and get a short one in seconds. googl shortener If you sign in (top right corner) with your EVSC Google account, some additional features become available to you. After signing in, you can see a history of your previously shortened URLs as well as see how many people have clicked the link you shared. googl shortener logged in Another shortener which can be useful is tinyurl.com. With tinyurl.com you can shorten a link and also provide your input on what you would like to have after the / . I was able to create the following link to the ICATS site – evscicats.com via https://tinyurl.com/evscicats. Additional shorteners you may want to explore:

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