Your Originality Hero: Monte Skelton

MonteWhen those who know Monte think of him, many ask, “What doesn’t he do?” His reputation as a positive, talented, and hard working individual is seen everywhere he goes. While many in the Indiana Tri-state area know him as the former voice of jazz on the radio on 91.5 FM WUEV, others know him as a talented saxophonist that is seen and heard at many community events. Monte is also known in the schools as a very influential woodwind instructor who has helped many music students from the ages of 5-80 further their appreciation and love for the musical arts. “I truly believe that if the students aren’t having fun with the music they’re playing, they won’t practice it and they won’t get better. It’s much harder to memorize something you don’t like than it is to remember something you love,” Monte says. Along with being a saxophonist, Monte also plays EWI, flute, clarinet, oboe, electric bass, percussion, trombone, and many other instruments. He has over 10,000 hits on his YouTube Channel, and has a great online following from around the world.  He has played the woodwinds and bass guitar in many local musicals, percussion in the University of Evansville’s wind ensemble, and electric bass in the University of Evansville’s jazz ensemble and pep bands, and has performed in the U.S. Virgin Islands with jazz vocalist Sherrie Bias.  Currently he performs with the group “Skelton’s Montourage” and “Factor:Primo,” and serves as the  music educator at Joshua Academy Elementary Charter School.

Good morning, everyone!

First of all, I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this post. Artists, in their many forms, use their time and energy to create a way for the consumer (that’s us) to peer into their heart, soul, feelings, and/or dreams. Whether that be through music, visual arts, creative writing, or even food, their creations are, well, just that: their creations. Throughout history, we have seen remarkable works from many different artists in many different forms. However, as technological advancements continue to flourish over time, it has become increasingly easier for others to ‘replicate’ works of art. This has, of course, created problems for original artists, who have put their time, energy, and resources into their craft. How would you feel if you invested your time and money into a product that someone else is taking the credit and money for?

This is where copyright protection comes in. In general, copyright means the sole right to produce or reproduce a work or a substantial part of it in any form. The protection helps the artist keep the rights to his/her creations, and lets them reap the benefits of their work. As a musician who loves to create music, this is very important to me. The majority of musicians (and artists in general) do not make a lot of money for the time that they put into their work. Copyright protection makes it so that I can write my music, produce it, and sell it to the public without having to worry about someone stealing my ideas or songs and profiting from it.

That being said, I’m also in what is called a ‘cover band,’ which basically means a band that plays popular music for various events. While performing these songs does not break laws, there are specific companies and copyright protections that make sure that the original artists still benefit from what they created. If you are interested in the specifics, check out BMI Music or ASCAP and see how they protect the artists while still giving other musicians an opportunity to perform the same music.

Copyright protection does sometimes sound quite scary, especially if you are a musician like myself. However, it is definitely there for our benefit: If we all played the same same songs the same way all the time, music would get really boring, VERY quickly! :-) Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my post!


So what can you do to protect the livelihood of talented musicians like Monte? If copyright didn’t protect him on his rise to stardom, would that make his work easier or harder? Why? Other than the artist themselves, who else gets paid when you purchase a track on iTunes or GooglePlay? How do you think you would you feel if someone used your creative work? Would it make a difference whether they did the following:

  • Asked your permission to use it?
  • Gave you credit as the creator?
  • Changed the picture or added a caption without asking you?

What do you think it means to use someone else’s creative work responsibly? Does it matter how and where you use it?

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  1. To protect the livelihood of musicians like Monte, I could buy his albums and report things gotten illegally. If not for copyright laws, his rise to stardom would have been much more difficult. He said that it was there for his benefit himself. I would let people use my things with my permission. They wouldn’t be allowed to change it.

  2. It’s very important that you don’t violate copyright laws. If you are asked to take pictures or write a paper then it’s not okay to steal it from online. If you don’t know if the person will mind if you take this photo or copy this article, then you shouldn’t copy it. Google doesn’t have a copyright filter. If you use another buisness’s photos or ads, then make sure it’s okay before you do so and make it benifecial to the owner. It would be very hard to sell things if there were no copyright laws. And just because you buy a song on itunes doesn’t mean it’s okay to post on youtube.

  3. As an artist or musician know I would be very upset if someone used my work. I think copyright is important to be informed on and people need to take it seriously. I know many feelings would be hurt if anyone’s work was copyrighted. I use Google Images all the time but I make sure what pictures I use are not copyright or seem appropriate to use in presentations. I think getting permission to use pictures is very important and should be considered.

  4. I think if you posted or presented something using someone else work then you should do one of the two things… You should give the person credit and make sure the audience knows that the work was not yours, or you should contact the original person and ask permission to use their work. I know some little kids accidentally do copy write and that’s why parents should be watching their little kids while their online.

  5. I would be okay with someone who participated taking credit for the song, as long as I was mentioned. But if they weren’t a part of making it, they would need my permission to use it. I feel like I would probably be okay with them adding captions and images without my seeing of it as long as I saw before it was published. This is what i think I would do as a music producer.

  6. His job would be much harder because anyone could copy his work and claim it as their own. Then they could make money off of it and that would take away from Monte’s profits. iTunes and Google Play get a small percent of how much the song costs. I would not be happy if someone copied my work and it would make a difference and I would be OK with it if they asked my permission, I gave them permission and they noted that I was the creator. But I wouldn’t want them to change it or add something that I didn’t approve of. I don’t think someone should copy someone else’s work and use it.

  7. When a song is purchased on iTunes or similar programs, besides the artist the producer and recording company also gets paid for it. I would be angry if someone stole my creative work, especially if it was music because I know how difficult it is for lesser-known musicians to make money.

  8. Without copyright, I don’t believe any musician would be able to gain popularity. Because of copyright, people are given the credit they deserved. If I were to publish something, I would definitely want the credit. I would hope that people would come to me before changing anything and that they would give me the credit for making the original piece.

  9. If I were to make my own music I would want others to credit my work if they were going to use it. I would not want someone to steal my work and credit themselves for something I did.

  10. orgionality will get you far in life. origionality sets you apart from everyone else and will get you recognized by employers or other big groups.

  11. I definately agree you should have so much respect for someone’s work. They probably spent a lot of time on it and if someone else took credit, it would just be disrespectful. Copyright protection is a good thing!

  12. If someone works hard to create something I think it is necessary to ask them permission to use it. No one likes copiers and people appretiate original people and original work more than copied things.

  13. I think that copyright is very important for any artist, musican, or anybody that comes up with a original creation because anybody could use their creation without giving them credit and could get a profit off of the work that they have worked hard for.

  14. I think free music is great. I love ripping music off youtube videos instead of paying a dollar or two for each song. Ripping audio from youtube videos is legal, but pirating the music isn’t. Rappers rap about illegal activities all the time, so it’s kind of hypocritical of them to complain when their music is pirated. Though I do understand why they would complain, a few songs here and there hasn’t ever hurt anyone. If I do end up using music in a youtube video, credit is always given. I am kind enough to do that.

  15. I think people should not use someone elses creative mind and steal their work and try to benefit off of it. First of all it will create conflict with the person you stole it from and when people find out that you stole that information from someone else then you will have alot of people disliking you for trying to steal someone elses work.

  16. Having these copyright laws are a great thing to have. They protect the hard work that these people have put into their work of art. For someone to just take another person’s ideas and take credit for their work is just wrong.

  17. I would be really disappointed if someone else received credit for my hard, original work. Therefore, I believe that artists/musicians deserve to have Copyright protect them. If I was an artist/musician, I feel like it would make a huge difference if someone asked my permission to use my work and gave me credit as the creator.

  18. Musicians deserve to be credited for their work. They have put in so much time and effort in for someone to walk in and take that from them. As a musician, you want people to cover songs you’ve written. It’s an easy way for people to find out about your music, but to profit from something that isn’t yours is wrong. You should always give credit to the orginal artist.

  19. To use someone else’s creative work responsibly means to give credit to the creator of the piece. It means that you do not claim that their work is yours, and you gain their permission to use it however you plan to. It does matter how and where you use it. I think it should just be an agreement between the creator and the user because everyone and every situation is different. Asking permission and agreeing on how credit will be given is the best solution for using someone else’s work. I would be extremely angry if someone used my work and claimed it as their own, changed the work, or profited from it without my consent. Copyright laws are definitely a good thing.

  20. I believe that as long as you give credit to the creator and post with the intent of sharing their work in a positive manner then it’s ok. If you post someone else’s work and just bash it then there’s no reason to post it at all. I’m sure everyone’s heard the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it.”

  21. I think that too many people in today’s society like to replicate others’ work. Unfortunately, no one is very orginial. Therefore, it should not come to you as a suprise if someone were to copy your work. But, if they were to take that work and try to project it as their own, you should be concerned. Others should ask permission before they try to use your work. Then, some ground rules should be set in order for copiers to not take all the glory.

  22. I think that copyright laws are great and prevent any artists from stealing ideas. If there weren’t any copyright laws it would be terrible for original artists because as soon as you came out with an idea it could be stolen if you weren’t careful/

  23. Using someone else work is wrong. They deserve credit and benefits for what they have done. I also believe that giving credit to the artist or publisher is needed. You should not use someones work and benefit for yourself.

  24. So many people take art for granted. To some artists their art is like their child, would you take somebody’s kid? NO! To understand the hours of practice, redrawing it over and over, until you finally achieve what you dreamed. Then to see your drawing get downloaded by some random person, and to see them change one small thing about, while claiming it is theirs! That person didn’t just take it, that person spent at best a minute, changing it and taking credit. That not only insults the artist, but the art itself. Don’t think of it as a picture, think of it as the artist, think of it as a human being.

  25. I believe that it depends on what type of art work it is that people are copying and editing. If it is a simple picture online that anyone has access to I believe it is ok to copy an re-edit the work. If the type of art work is more like music i dont think it right to copy beacuse someone had to spend a great amount of money and materials to create a finsih project. If a person ask permision on any type of art format I believe it would be ok to use the selected material.

  26. If you have the owner’s permission to use their things and they know what you are using them for, I think it is okay to use their work.

  27. I think copyright is important because when people steal other’s ideas they sometimes don’t get credit for it. It would be one thing to ask and to maybe change a few things. The original creator should be recognized to get credit and money. It would not bother me if I got publicity from it and I would also find it flattering that someone would think that my work is that awesome.

  28. I feel it is perfectly acceptable for someone who asks permission first to use your creations in their own ways. As long as they give proper credit to the artist, there is no harm in showing your appreciation for an artist’s creation.

    If I were an artist myself, however, I would not even want to copyright my early music. Releasing tracks for free helps more people hear your music and gives you a very positive public image. It would become much easier for people to share and acquire your music which leads to a larger following.

  29. Just so long as the artist is being recognized and has given you permission to use their work that’s dandy. Altering their work is a big no-no. It just isn’t right.

  30. If they asked for your permission or gave credit where credit was due then that would be okay. However, if they didn’t ask permission then it’s not fair to the artist who worked so hard.

  31. I feel that if you are going to use something from someone then you must give them credit or ask for their permission. However, instead of taking someone else’s idea it would be easier to try and create your own.

  32. I think using somkeone else’s work is not okay, but if you have permission from the creator, it isn’t bad. As long as the owner of it knows what you are doing with it I think it is okay.

  33. I’m guilty of being an abuser of using technology to circumvent copyright laws in the past. When I was growing up, there was a program that allowed anyone to share music with anyone. This company was eventually shutdown and brought to legal action because they were breaking the law.

    Since then, I have learned who benefits from my purchasing the music, software, pictures, and other types of files and no longer break the copyright laws for my own benefit. I realized after seeing the file share company being shut down that what I was doing was wrong on many levels. I knew that if I were in the artists shoes, I wouldn’t want my work stolen and shared.

    Now, I work everyday in social media to some aspect. I always ask or pay the person or who owns the picture, status, or information before I reshare a post that I like. This can be on Facebook, Instagram, a website, or any place I’m using someone else’s work.

  34. Copyrighting can protect the work of artists. If it wasn’t for copyrighting it would be harder for artists to rise to stardom. People would able to steal their work and take credit for themselves. It would be hard for artists to claim what they created. When songs get purchased on iTunes or GooglePlay the company that provided the music get part of the profit. Also the producer get part of the profit. If someone used my creative work without asking I would be mad. I spent a lot of time and effort on my work and for someone to take credit for it would make me furious. If someone asked for my permission to use my work and gave me credit for creating it I would be okay with that.

  35. Asking permission and giving credit to the musician or creator would help. But not giving any credit would be copyrights and it’s not fair to the musician. They put the work in to make the music so why wouldn’t you give them credit? Monte and every other musician should get the credit for the work they did.

  36. I think using someone else’s creative work responsibly means making sure the original artist is still credited in some way, and making sure the new artist doesn’t receive profit from the original artist’s work. If copyright wasn’t there on his way to fame I think it would make his work a lot harder because other artists could try to get away with using his work as their own. A lot of people also download music illegally, and this takes away part of the artist’s profit since no one is buying their music on iTunes. I would want someone to ask me before using my work, and they would have to give me credit for it.

  37. Copy right laws should always be active. If someone was to take my work that I had put all of my time and energy into then I would be devastated. Not only hurt, but I would be very upset with that person. If someone came up to asking to promote my work I would make sure that I knew where the profits would be going to and that this particular person is reliable and trustworthy.

  38. Monte is a great musician with a lot of originality. A good artist, musician, or writer has their own original work.

  39. These days a lot of people are downloading music illegally. Its not fair to the musicians and everyone else that worked so hard on their music. Seeing people like Monte suffer from this is sad because he is really talented.

  40. Stealing someone’s idea just doesn’t seem nice to me. It’s okay to pick brains with someone and get ideas, but stealing a whole concept is just disrespectful to creator. They worked hard for what they did and deserve to get credit for it. As far as cover bands, I think that twisting the song around to fit your style of music is very artistic and creative. The original artist needs their recognition for their original song but I love the way some songs can be altered to fit different audiences. Remixes are sometimes better than the original. In the tital however needs to show the original artist and give them credit

  41. To me, even if were asked, I still don’t think I’d be cool with someone else using my stuff. That’s my creative work, and I don’t think you should get to show it off. These are things I made myself. You shouldn’t get to have any kind of hold on them. That’s just my opinion though!

  42. I think that if someone wanted to use my work for something they were doing, then I would be okay with it as long as they asked permission and gave me credit for the song or work. I think that anyone who wants to use someone else’s work should have to do both of these things to protect the artist. I would not be okay with someone changing a picture or caption on my work though. When that happens, then my original work is changed and it is no longer mine, and what I created.

  43. To me it wouldnt really matter whether or not the asked for my permission unless they were doing something huge like a cobrand or something like that. It would matter if someone gave me credit when they used my work because I dont want pther people saying that it is their original work. And I dont think it really matters on changing the picture or anything of that sort either.

  44. I would recommend that Monte should maybe not post his music online to where it is possible that it could be stolen. Since copyright didn’t help him I’m sure it made it a lot harder for him especially knowing that his work could be stolen. Other than the artist, the people who produced it and the website that it was put on. If someone used my work with my permission it would be fine, but if they stole it I would be upset. To use someone else’s work responsibly means that you have their permission.

  45. If I was asked permission and I would be recognized as the original creator there wouldn’t be a problem but if someone stole my original work without even acknowledging that I did it first then I would get mad. Originality is something that everyone has, but if you decide not to use it then you won’t have much of a career.

  46. I believe using someone’s creative work(s) responsibly is not only asking that person if they are ok with it,but to give credit to them. You must remember someone spent a lot of their time on the work and they should get the credit since they are being nice enough to let you use it.

  47. You can help protect musicians by respecting their copyright rights and actually buying their music. Other than the artist their record label and the music provider makes money. I would be angry if someone else used my work. It would be different if they did ask permission and give me credit for the work. I would be angry if they changed any part of the work.

  48. I think copyright is a very good thing. If I was a musician that sells music or even doesn’t get paid at all, I would at least like a little credit coming back to me. If there were no such thing as copyright you would not even have to pay for music. You could just copy right off the internet. It sound cool not to pay for it, but the musician or creator doesn’t even get credit, so why should they even make music? Copyright might be difficult sometimes but it is completely worth it because I know I don’t like it when someone steals my idea!

  49. If someone used someone else’s work without permission or credit they would be copyrighting the hard work. That is why teachers and others in general say to use your own words. Basically you are taking their work, as if they are your slave. If you copyrighted Monte’s work you wouldn’t benefit him, just your greedy self. Any musician or creator wants their credit, what if you were that musician. You wouldn’t want others taking your work and calling it their own, so think twice before copyrighting music/artwork.

  50. In my opinion, another way to help out all musicicans ect., like Monte, he could contact the people that made their own cover of his song and ask them to get rid of it and not to do it anymore. Also another thing is he could report that someone is copyrighting their work and if I were Monte I would be very upset if someone did that to me, but if the person asked first for permission to make their own cover it’s a totally different story.

  51. I think that using someone’s idea responsibly means to give the creator credit because it was their idea and not make it your idea. Yes I think it matters how you use it. Not to make it your idea.

  52. I think it is wrong to use someones creative work. If you do not ask them permission that is plagiarism. You can get in a lot of trouble for that.You wouldn’t want somebody to mess with your stuff.

  53. If someone used my creative work without permission or without giving me credit I would definetly be angry.Things like art take a long time to be created and a lot of hard work. Now, if they asked for my permission or gave me credit I would be fine with it.

  54. I think if you use someone else’s work that it should benefit the creator because i think that if you don’t then you will be using plagiarism.

  55. Using someone else’s creative work responsibly is respecting their feelings about you using their work and asking permission to use it. If they don’t want you too, then you should respect that and not do it. If they are okay with it, then you should give them credit for the work you used. A good thing to do would be to pay the artist for their work so that they benefit from it also. It wouldn’t be right if only benefited from something that they made themselves.

  56. I think that using someone else’s creative work responsibly would be fine if they asked to use it first. If that person hadn’t asked to use the work then it could have gotten them into trouble for copy write laws. Suppose that person asked and the person said that he could use it then it wouldn’t matter that much where that person put the work at. As long as the person uses this work responsibly then it won’t matter when it is put on the internet.

  57. It would make a big difference in my mind if the person gave me credit for creating it. It makes me feel like they respected me for creating it and because of that they wanted to make something similar. If there wasn’t a law of copyright, it probably would’ve been harder for Monte Skelton to rise to stardom because there would be so many similar sounds in music. Listening to the same thing or something similar will eventually get boring, which causes interest in music to decline.

  58. To protect a musician like Monte I could report something if I saw his work, but under another persons name. I think it would make Monte’s work harder if there where not copyright didn’t protect him, because someone could steal his work and take credit for it and it would be hard for him to show that he actually made it. Other than the artist when I buy a song the person that sold it to me or the company.

  59. Using or stealing someone else work is a very serious matter, its something that they accomplished an did on their o, for themselves to succeed. Someone else stealing their work is ruining everything completely. The person that created their achievement (In this case Monte) took all their time and energy on their work.

  60. Using someone’s work responsibly means you would have to be authorized by the company to do so. If you did use the work, then you would want to give the original creator some credit. You would also have to get permission to add other things to the work.

  61. I don’t know why anybody would want to to steal your own work that you work hard for. Just don’t be mad because that they are jelious because they are trying to be like you and you make more money than they will ever see. Don’t let them get inside your head than it will bother you than you will be wonder if that will hurt you in anyway. Remember don’t get mad just relax.

  62. I feel that if someone else using your piece of work so they can get money and be famous is wrong. I feel that if they want money they should have to earn it instead of just being able to just get the money. I feel that is how your character should be remembered.

  63. To use someones creative work responsibly would be to give them credit. Event though you are the person using their work you should still give the person that created it credit. You should do this because they are the reason you are doing whatever you are with it.

  64. Music should always be copyrighted but I do not think people should steal others works of art such as music. I think that to use someone elses music or art you should get premisson from the creator first and if any money is being made from this some profit should be given to the rightfull owner.

  65. The creative aspect about music can make people very happy and amazed so if you go take people music and turn them into something that can benefit yourself. The creator might notice his singing in a entirely new song so that’s why you give all but a fraction to the creator and just try to stray the other way from copyright.

  66. I think that taking someones work isn’t right and and you shouldn’t do it. Doing this is called stealing and taking advantage of someones hard work. It doesn’t matter when and where you do this it is still wrong.

  67. If someone, for instance used my creative works then I would be disappointed. The reason that is, is because if they used my credit to get them somewhere they want to go to then that would be plagiarizm. That then would get them in trouble with the law. Never the less, if they had my acceptance to do it and stated I was the creator then I would allow them. If the person asking for your permission and they reply with a yes then it wouldn’t make a difference where they use it as long as they use it wisely.

  68. I think it would be very cool to steal my or any one else work.It would some what make a difference if they did ask for my permission but how would I know if I didn’t go see them in person. I don’t think I would let other people take credit for what I did.

  69. I think that if someone does not want here things copy righted then they should make sure to have protection for there songs but then again if you ahve permissiom then you should be able to have a good chance of writing the song or performing it then you should have permission only not just when ever you want.

  70. To use someone else’s creative work responsibly, would mean to give them credit where you used it. For example, in a presentation the website or book you used should be on a slide of it’s own to know this is where you got the information. When you modify or change something the credit still should belong to the source.Well I think it half matters how and where you use it. Cause where you use it can have a slight effect on copyright. If your in a public place there is a good chance that you’ll have a hard time finding who it was that copyrighted then a person at home. How you use it I think can have a major effect, because there are different ways on how copyright can be used.

  71. I would ask to use it I would ask the person how is in charge for their permission and what you what to do. It good to ask for permission cause like you use that thing you can get in trouble for using someone else thing that why I think it’s good to ask permission. Gave your credit to the creator because they help someone to get them through what they were doing and I think they did most of the work to get you there. I also think they can get you farther than were you are at now that what I think. I think change the picture without someone asking you I guess is good because maybe they don’t have to go over a lot maybe. I think using someone else’s creative work responsibly, I would say that you can use some part of it but not all because you are using their creation and you can come up with your own.

  72. I believe that it would be wrong if you don’t ask for permission to use the work. If you’re going to use the piece for a project or assignment, I’d “Okay” it with the creator of the piece, how would you like it if someone else used YOUR work for their benefits and not even acknowledged you? The original creators deserve the credit for the time, money, and effort they put into their work. Same thing with changing the piece in any way, you should be sure to get permission from the creator to modify their work in any way.

  73. I think that using someone’s work responsibly means that you either use it for something positive. Or using it positively but giving them credit if it copy written. Using it positively is using it for something good not anything bad. Yes I think that it depends on where you are. I think you could use it positively no matter where you are. =But if you’re in a negative environment then you could change your mind and use it negatively because of the environment you’re in. So you I truly believe that it could go either way.

  74. I believe you should be responsible and that would mean you don’t use someones work but if you do you ask for permission. It is not alright to steal someones work. You should not claim someone else’s work that is wrong. If someone puts effort into something they should keep it.

  75. I think that if you are going to use another person’s work, then you need to include them in it. Like, if you are going to put another person’s video on your channel, then you need to put their name on it somewhere. It’s like if you are going to do an essay on someone, you’re not going to just copy everything that is on the website, you are going to write it but change some of the words so it’s not plagiarism. Yes, it does matter how and where you use it, because if you just put that song/video on the internet without the person’s permission they could get in trouble for copywrite.

  76. I think that if Monte did not want his work stolen, then he should not of put it on the internet for everyone to see. I wouldn’t like if someone stole my work that I sat down and took my time on and not having my permission to use it. In some cases if you dont use his work responsibly, your breaking the law of copyright. Using and selling someone elses work to get money and not having there permission can get you in big trouble. Instead of stealing his work they could have made their own and became just as famous as he did. Why would you want someone elses credit? I would want to be proud of my own work i did myself not work i stole.

  77. If someone gave me credit as the creator that’s fine cause they’re saying it’s mine. If it’s just a pic it’s fine cause it’s a picture as long as it’s not embarassing.

  78. I think that using someone else’s work is wrong. You didn’t put in the time to make or create that, which probably took a lot of time to make it still isn’t yours. in less you ask the creator of the art to use it, you can because they say so. If one person plagiarizes another’s work, it benefits the person who is stealing it, as well as the creator who made it if listed. copyright protection comes in handy here, legally you cannot steal another’s work.

  79. If copyright protection didn’t protect an artist like Monte Skelton, it would be difficult for them to make a living. It wouldn’t be fair for someone to take his ideas and creative work that he put effort into. When you purchase a track on iTunes, the artist gets paid as well as anyone else involved in getting the finished product ready to sell. I wouldn’t like it if I didn’t get what I deserved when trying to sell something I created.

  80. If copyright didn’t protect Monte on the way to stardom, it would make his work a lot harder because people would steal his music ideas. He wouldn’t have originality in his music. When you buy a song on ITunes or any site, the money not only goes to the artist, but plenty goes to the producers and makers of the website. If someone used my created work as their own I would feel cheated because I put the hard work into making it. If they asked for permission for my work first, that would make a difference. I would want them to give me credit for the work. To use someone’s creative work responsibly is to ask permission before using it. If they want credit for the work you should allow them that privilege. Also, don’t change small parts of it and call it your own, that is disrespect to the creator. i think it matters where you use it because the user could be using it for bad things.

  81. I think to use someones work responsibly you have to give credit to the owner. Put their name down and let people know that it is not yours. And if you want to use someones creative work you should ask the creator. I think that it does matter how and where you use it. If you use it against them then you shouldn’t be allowed to use it. But in the other hand if you use it for them, you should be able to use it. Also you should only use it where it is appropriate.

  82. I think, even if someone did ask for your permission, i still find it wrong because that person took time out of their life to create it and nobody should try to take that away from them. Although, if they were to give you credit for it also, then i wouldn’t mind as much as if they took all the credit themselves. If they were to add their own caption, i would find that kind of rude because you shouldn’t change peoples creative things. Copyright Protection should help.

  83. I think to use someones creative work responsibly you cannot give it to someone else or take all the credit. And make sure the person is ok with it. And i think it matters how and where you use it because the person may not want you to change anything. And if you use it around other people they may copy off it and change things that could get you and the creator in trouble.

  84. I think we need copyright because, the musician who actually produced the song should get the credit for it. Other musicians shouldnt be able to get credit for something they didnt make. If other musicians performed some other musicians song, they shouldnt get the credit or appaulse.

  85. To use someone else’s work responsibly means to make sure they know you are using it. If you tell them you are using it and they give you the OK to use it, it should be OK. Now, on the other hand if the person says you can’t use it than you shouldn’t. Some people may not even mind that you don’t tell them. It’s just a matter of the person. I don’t think it matters where you use it or how. A lot of times to me it seems that people are using it where and how they should they just didn’t get the permission to.

  86. what i think it means to use someone else’s creative work responsibly.I dont think it is good because you are copying there work . Sometime when you do this people thank you made it then you get all the credit.It is wrong to do so that is what i thank

  87. I think that if you use someone elses work responsibly, then there shouldn’t be a problem but if you don’t then it’s wrong to do it.I think that you should keep everything fresh but if not then try to if you can. This is what I think is true about this.

  88. I think it is alright to use the work, if asked permission and shows on said website that you, yourself did infact do the said work. I don’t think its alright to use your work in there work without asking permission and/or naming that you did do your work.

  89. I’m am sure that everybody that listen to music download music from some kind of app. An people don’t care about the artist is. If it don’t have a dollar sign by the song name people is gone to get it.

  90. Why should people pay for music when you can just get an app. I dont think it’s stealing if your not paying for music.

    • Apps like Pandora are okay because they pay the music companies money that makes its way to the musicians. They raise money by either inserting advertising or by collecting money directly from people who pay to get the premium service. In that case the user isn’t downloading the music to own and can’t make and distribute copies themselves.

    • Kylen, thanks for your honesty. There are a number of places that offer free music online that are not legitimate but there are some places like Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Radio, etc. where you can listen to online music and it’s completely legal and allowed.

  91. It could be hard to make money for the artist. If there music gets copied or not neccearlly stolen but took from an app or website, it could be sorta hard to make money for the artist. They get notice for it though. It could say the artist name under the artist catagory under you phone. People could change the artist but im a teen and nobdy has time for it, trust me. If someone stole my work I’d be pretty dang mad, but when your a big musican you obviouly just care about the money, but when you on your rise to become a big artist you only care about getting you music notice and making new songs.

  92. It would make his life harder because people would have less trouble trying to steal his work. The store you buy the music from also gets the money. I wouldn’t be happy if someone used my work without my permission. It would help if they asked for my permission and put my name on it. It would not help if they changed the picture or added a caption without asking me. It does matter how you use other peoples work.

  93. It would make his work harder, because he would have the the paranoia that his work could get stollen and he woulnd’t get the credit for it. The producers would get paid and people at iTunes or Google play would get a share of the money too. I would feel betrayed if someone stole my music that I worked really hard on making. It would be different if they gave me credit as the created.

  94. If you didn’t want your music stolen, it wouldn’t be smart to post music on the internet. To make it in show business, you need to take risks. I’m sure the people who make the song also get paid by the profit made by the song. If someone used my work, I would feel privileged and cheated. I would feel privileged because i’m good enough for someone to notice my music. I would feel insulted because I don’t want my hard work to be stolen.If they asked for permission it would be better than stealing it. If they shared credit with the creator it would be fair. I feel if you shared your work, you should have a say on how it is used. You should just let someone keep credit for their work. It doesn’t matter how or where it is used. Make your own music and respect the artists work.
    (ignore last post haha)

    • Anthony, the difficulty here is that artists need to be able to share their talents to raise awareness, but at the same time not have their talents stolen. There are many great websites that artists use to self-promote, but there are lots of other sites that take advantage of artists. One thing we can do, is avoid going to sites that share pirated music, video, images, etc. By not using those sites we pay our own way and support the artists we like.

  95. If you are worried about getting your music stolen I would consider just not putting your music on the internet. That would make his work a lot harder knowing that his work could be stolen and having to stress out about it. The people that produce it and the website that you uses gets money. If someone used my work without permission I would be upset but if they had my permission it would be fine. I think it means that you have permission and do it in a professional manner

    • So true, Asia! The simple choice to buy an artist’s work instead of pirating it for free makes it possible for artists to make a living doing what they love and to inspire us with their talents.

    • Asia – This is truly the best way! Buy the music and then don’t share it with your friends so they can burn a copy. By a copy for yourself and enjoy it knowing you are supporting the talent and hard work of the artists. Thanks for sharing!

  96. If copyright didn’t protect Monte on his rise to stardom it would make his work harder because he would have people copying his music and claiming its theirs and they might be the star. When you buy a track on iTunes or GooglePlay the people who put the song onto the site gets credit and and gets paid. If someone took my work i would feel sad or mad because they got all the credit for it and i got nothing. But if they used:
    Asked your permission to use it?
    Gave you credit as the creator?
    Changed the picture or added a caption without asking you?

    It would make a difference because they gave me the credit.

  97. I think that using someone else’s creative work responsibly means that, like Monte Skeleton you would preform and play the music or “creative work”, but still give a huge amount of credit to the original creator.I personally don’t think it should matter where or how you play it, by changing a little bit about the song there’s a good chance to get noticed by adding a little bit of your twist to the creative work.I also think by playing the music you will be benefiting the original artist, because the song will be heard by many more people.

    • When we re-work something by another artist to create our own original piece of art, we are working in a gray area because there is a fine line between re-mixing and stealing. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t do that (think of the great hip-hop artists who sample other artists), but we need to have a clear vision of how using someone else’s work to inspire ours still honors the desires and rights of the artists who we re-mix. Learning to find that line is very complicated, and I would always want to get the permission of another artist before I shared something I created based on their work.

  98. I think if that someone wants to be a good musician like Monte they have to make up their own music and that will protect a musicians livelihood. If copy wright didn’t protect him I think it would hurt him because people would steal his ideas. When you buy a song on iTunes or something like that the money goes to the artist and some one had the same songs as that artist that person gets the money and not the artist.

  99. I think to use someone else’s creative work responsibly is to follow any copyright laws. It is also important to have their permission. Use the part that you wanted to use and change it so your not coping the artist. Yes, it madders how and where they use it because the artist may not want you to use their work in certain ways or certain places.

  100. I think that using someone else’s work responsibly means that, if you were a musician like Monte Skelton, you would use the work, but the performance or doing of the work would benefit the original creator. Therefore, if Monte performed another artist’s song, his performance would benefit him but would very much benefit the original artist as well. I think it does matter where and how you use it because if you don’t use someone else’s work responsibly, your probably breaking the law of copyright and sell the work as your own and profiting from it. This is where the copyright protection comes in and helps!

  101. I thinking using someone else’s creative work responsibly is letting everyone else know that it isn’t yours, that you got it from that certain person. I think it also means to use it, but not profit from it, like it is your own. It does matter how and where you use it because if you use it as your own (even if you don’t realize it) when it is someone else’s, you would be stealing that persons creative work. Where you use it could also have the same effects, no one wants their creative work to be stolen and profited off of. It is completely different if they ask to use your work.

    • I agree, Mandalyn. There are a lot of generous creative folks who don’t mind if you use or even alter their work for your own purposes, but it is so important to know how each artist feels about that, and to make sure that you are complying with their wishes.

  102. What I think about using someone else creative work responsibility is that it is wrong. I think it is wrong because they are using someone else things. I think it matters how you use it and where you use it because they are using your personal things and changing those things.

    • Monte is one of the most talented musicians I have met in my 15 years as an instrumental music teacher (before I became an eLearning Coach). He is truly amazing. We are lucky to have his talents here in Evansville and we need to protect his rights as a musician so he can continue to experience success.

  103. These actions could make a fight because useing someones creative work could get you in a big fight if you dont ask them because it does matter where you do it if you think that you can get away with it your wrong.

  104. What I think about using someones creative work responsibly is I think it’s fine as long as the person who made it is fine with it. I think it does matter where you use it because if you use it in a college application that would be cheating and you would get all the credit.

    • Canaan, you make a good point. Just as you can plagiarize writing, you can also plagiarize creative expression. To represent a song, photo, video or work of art as your own when it is actually someone else’s is a very bad choice, and it can have serious consequences if you are caught.

  105. When purchasing music, or sharing it you should consider the original status of the work. But, sharing music on social media, if it has the original artist’s name attatched, gives publicity to their work.

    • Candice, that is true, but we need to give the artist final say in how their work is presented/distributed. Some artists would prefer that they control the means of distribution so that their work isn’t associated with something that they don’t approve of. For example, some artists don’t want certain politicians using their music during their campaigns because the artist doesn’t agree with the politics of the politician.

  106. I think we need copyright because then it wouldn’t be fair to the artist if people used their work without giving them any credit

    • Maddy, that’s especially true when the artist relies on their art to generate income. When we use their work without their permission, we take away their right to get money from their work, and we can even lower the value of their work by making it seem less original.

  107. If permission was asked, or if credit was just given to the creator, many of the problems these musicians faced would no longer be a problem. Something as simple as credit for work can go a long way for the musician. But to completely neglect to acknowledge you’re stealing someone’s work is simply unacceptable.

    • I often think that the better solution to stealing something is to create your own. For example, when I need a picture for my blog, I prefer to shoot my own photo, rather than use someone else’s. Sometimes I still use a photo that someone else shot, but then I always make sure that I have permission to use the photo, and that I give credit to the creator.

  108. It would make a difference if the person asked for your permission or mentioned you as the creator, but it would NOT be okay for someone to change the picture or caption without asking for your permission.

    • Kenzi, I agree that if someone gives you credit as a creator and asks permission to use what you create that they are doing the right thing. This is true for all creative areas. Knowing how to do that properly, and where to find images/photos/music that can be shared and altered is also an important skill to have.

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