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Digital Citizenship

Help Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week October 19-23

Help Us Raise Awareness and Build Better Citizens

October 19-23rd is Digital Citizenship Week. The ICATS are using this week to launch our Digital Citizenship Reboot for the EVSC by posting resources for raising awareness around 5 Core Values that we believe will help our students become better digital citizens. The resources we feature this week will become part of a larger library of resources available to you throughout the year.

To start us off, we’ve created this folder of printables for introducing and promoting digital citizenship.

Our 5 Core Values

We’ve identified 5 simple areas that can make a huge difference for helping kids better understand how to live a good and healthy digital life. The five values fit nicely into the acronym SUPER, so we are focusing on building digital heroes. Here’s what SUPER stands for:

Be SUPER featured image

S- Safe: Protect Yourself Online

U- Understanding: Understand How Technology Works and Affects Your Life

P- Polite: Be Kind and Decent Online.

E- E-Healthy: Make Healthy Decisions Related to Technology Use

R- Responsible: Treat Your Technology Responsibly and Use It for Learning

The Resource Library

The library we are developing will include resources for learning about and teaching about the 5 Values. We will divide this library between Professional Development Resources for Teachers, and Learning Resources for Kids. We will also categorize the resources by Value and by Grade Level.

We also would love your help building this library. If you know of a great digital resource for helping kids understand these concepts, please use the button below to submit the resource to the library:

Getting Started

To introduce the concept of the 5 Core Values, here are a few activities you could use with your class today:

For Grades K-3

Have students watch the Pause and Think Online Video. This 3:30 minute video uses body parts to highlight Digital Citizenship behaviors, and here is how they best correlate:

  • Use your HEAD to THINK (Safe)
  • Use your HEART to FEEL (Polite)
  • Use your ARMS to BALANCE (E-Healthy)
  • LISTEN to your GUT (Understanding)
  • Use your LEGS to STAND (Responsible)

Discuss our new rules for behavior online (SUPER) and write them on the board with numbers 1-5 by each word.
As you watch the video, have students hold the number for each one up when they thought it showed an applicable rule.

For Grades 4-5

Use the same Pause and Think Online Video as above.

Have students write each “SUPER” word, skipping lines, and then write rules for each as you watch the video. Have them revisit those papers later in the year, typing them into a table and adding real-life examples/situations for each category and any other things you have discussed/taught by then for each letter.

For Grades 6-8

Use this Digital Citizenship Video.

Introduce students to the 5 Core Values above. Invite them to provide examples of the types of things that might fall under each category. Then show them the video. Afterwards lead a discussion about which of the 5 Values were represented and which might not have been. Challenge students to create a skit for an idea you discussed that wasn’t in the video.

For Grades 9-12

Review the 5 Core Values with your students and invite them to explain how each of these values might play out in a typical teen’s life. Have them offer examples of positive and negative behaviors related to each value.

Next, give students digital citizenship scenarios like the ones listed on this website. Respond to these as a whole group, then have students work in small groups to create their own scenarios for discussion around each of the 5 Core Values.

Looking Ahead

For the next five days, we will be sharing some resources focused on each of the 5 Core Values. We encourage you to use this as a starting point for raising awareness around these topics throughout the year. We will post the links below throughout the week. Helping our students to be model digital citizens requires all of us to take advantage of teachable moments and to reinforce these values in context as we teach our classes. Thank you in advance for any effort you take to help our students be healthy, kind, decent and safe in the digital world.

Be Safe

 Be Safe Resources

Be Understanding

Be Understanding Resources

Be Polite

Be Polite Resources

Be E-Healthy

Be E-Healthy Resources

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