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Symbaloo to the Rescue

We have so many websites and links to keep track of that it is tough to visit places on the web efficiently. Hopefully this Webmix will help you find some of the most commonly visited sites, both within and outside of the EVSC.

Step 1:  Click on this link – http://edu.symbaloo.com/mix/evsclinks

Step 2:  Start Using!


Step 3 (Optional):  You can add this Webmix to your Symbaloo account, but to do so you will have to be logged in.  If you do not have a Symbaloo Account, you can quickly create one by logging in with your Google Account Login Credentials.


Making this Webmix your homepage

Step 1:  Copy the URL: http://edu.symbaloo.com/mix/evsclinks

Step 2:  Open Settings in Chrome


Step 3:  Add the link as your Home button (and as a specific page to open on startup, if desired)



Need another Webmix?

Check out the Symbaloo Gallery because there could be resources already curated in an area that could be beneficial to you or your students.


Open this Webmix with every new tab Chrome?

Check out this post about the Chrome Extension – New Tab Redirect.  Once you install this extension to your web browsing will become ultra efficient.


Need more support?

Contact me [email protected] and visit my Weebly at http://elearningcoach.weebly.com/.

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