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Tools for Meaningful Digital Assessment: Edulastic



Edulastic is a handy web tool for creating assessments that have a wide variety of technology enhanced question types, including passage-based questions and multi-part questions. Edulastic has standards integration and an excellent math editor.  Edulastic is particularly good for summative assessments
Click Here to go to the Edulastic site.

Click Here for the Edulastic Chrome App

Edulastic Intro Video

Screenshot of a Sample Edulastic Assessment


Just the Facts

Embeddable: No

Student Login Required: Yes

Share Options: Through Edulastic or Google Classroom

Google Classroom Integration: Yes

Cost: Free for teachers and students. Pricing for schools and districts.

Question Types: 30 question types.

Standards Available: Yes

Feedback Options: Yes

Ease of Use: Somewhat Difficult

Support Resources: Helpful in-item videos, in-tool live-support feature, dedicated training hub off of main site.

User Community/Library: Yes, crowdsourced user library, searchable by standard, grade, subject, etc.

Why I Like It

1. Amazing array of tech-enhanced items.
2. Useful Math Editor.
3. Ability to build passage-based questions.
4. Ability to create 2-part questions.
5. Ability to insert multimedia via embed.
6. Great real-time student monitoring.
7. Nice student feedback component.
8. Integrates with Google Classroom.
9. Requires standards tagging.
10. Nice standards-based reporting features at student and class levels.

Why I Would Use It

1. Summative assessments.
2. Quick formative assessments.
3. For ELA and Math, especially.
4. Anytime I need a passage-based assessment.
5. Anytime I need a multi-part question.
6. If I am looking to track standards mastery over time.

Resources to Get You Started

Edulastic Training Hub Common Sense Review Edulastic YouTube Channel

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