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Tools for Meaningful Digital Assessment: Kahoot!



Kahoot! is a super-simple interface for creating and sharing questions with students in an engaging, game-based format. Kids love it, and the huge user community means that great quizzes are always easy to find.
Click Here to go to the Kahoot! site.

Click Here for the Kahoot! iOS App Click Here for the Kahoot! Android App

Kahoot! Intro Video

Screenshot of a Sample Kahoot! Assessment


Just the Facts

Embeddable: No

Student Login Required: No

Share Options: With other users through link. With learners/participants through code.

Google Classroom Integration: No

Cost: Free

Question Types: Only one, with variations.

Standards Available: No

Feedback Options: Students can see their results through quiz interface.

Ease of Use: Easy

Support Resources: Good introductory video. Some useful support resources on Support/FAQ page. Support chat feature.

User Community/Library: Huge community of users creating content.

Why I Like It

1. Super simple interface for creating and sharing questions.
2. Highly-engaging game experience for users.
3. Ability to add video and pictures for more visual experience.
4. Ability to share quizzes between users.
5. Encourages good digital citizenship.
6. Easy to share through Quiz Code.
7. Can be taken on any device.
8. Can be set up for Team Play in non-1:1 environments.
9. Huge community of users creating quizzes and content.

Why I Would Use It

1. For quick formative assessments.
2. For engaging review games before a summative assessment, or any time I want to amp up the energy.
3. As an Anticipation activity before introducing new content.
4. For quick brainbreaks between activities.
5. As bellringer preview/review activities to start class.
6. With large groups of people who have different devices.

Resources to Get You Started

Kahoot! Support/FAQ page Common Sense Review 12 Ways to Use Kahoot!

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