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Tools for Meaningful Digital Assessment: Orange Slice Rubrics for Docs

Orange Slice

Orange slice is an add-on for Google Docs that allows teachers to create a holistic or analysis rubric that lives and can be graded inside a student’s Google Doc. The rubric is very customizable, and the add-on will score the rubric based on the teacher’s criteria. Teachers can also add comments to each category, can weight categories, can rescore, and can add or subtract credit for various reasons. The student version of this add-on allows peer assessment.
Click Here to get the Teacher Rubric.

Click Here to get the Student Rubric

Orange Slice Intro Video

Screenshot of a Sample Orange Slice Rubric Assessment

Just the Facts

Embeddable: Yes

Student Login Required: Yes (G Suite)

Share Options: Through G Suite or Google Classroom

Google Classroom Integration: Yes

Cost: Free

Question Types: Open-ended

Standards Available: No

Feedback Options: Yes

Ease of Use: Somewhat easy. Mostly intuitive if you know how to add an add-on.

Support Resources: Useful YouTube Channel

User Community/Library: None to speak of.

Why I Like It

1. Nice, customizable rubric creator.
2. Built into Google Docs.
3. Integrates with Google Classroom.
4. Features for adjusting credit for extra credit, late work, plagiarism.
5. Built by/for teachers.
6. Great for any writing assignment, writing across the curriculum.
7. Can be rescored.
8. Power to include comments in the rubric.
9. Can automatically score the rubric based on criteria, assignment value, weights.
10. Extra Add-On for students to peer-assess.

Why I Would Use It

1. For any open ended assignment in Google Docs.
2. For formative and summative writing assignments.
3. For ongoing development of writing skills.
4. For skills or standards-based grading.
5. For checks for understanding.

Resources to Get You Started

Useful Video Playlist Orange Slice/Rubric Maker Smash! Orange Slice YouTube Channel

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