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Tools for Meaningful Digital Assessment: Plickers



Plickers is a handy student response system that is perfect for the 1-tablet classroom. With a single mobile device and a set of Plickers cards, a teacher can do easy and engaging formative assessments for free!
Click Here to go to the Plickers site.

Click Here for the Plickers iOS App Click Here for the Plickers Android App

Plickers Intro Video

Screenshot of a Sample Plickers Assessment in Live View



Just the Facts

Embeddable: No

Student Login Required: No

Share Options: Share questions hrough Live View or analog source.

Google Classroom Integration: No

Cost: Free for teachers and students in classes of up to 63.

Question Types: True/False, Multiple Choice. You can also add images.

Standards Available: No

Feedback Options: Yes. Students can see their results in Live View if the teacher desires.

Ease of Use: Somewhat difficult initially, until you get the workflow. Then, easy.

Support Resources: Great help page. Lots of resources online with a simple Google search as well.

User Community/Library: Very active community via Help page. Library is based on the individual, but question items can be organized and cued for different classes.

Why I Like It

1. Ideal for the 1-Tablet classroom.
2. Free clicker functionality that is easily implemented.
3. Engaging way to participate.
4. Great for quick, in the moment formatives.
5. Can be used offline in places that don’t have Internet.
6. Ability to add pictures to questions.
7. Great real-time student monitoring.
8. Nice Live View feature for sharing results with class.

Why I Would Use It

1. Quick formative assessments.
2. Whole group interactive games.
3. In classes that aren’t 1:1, or have limited technology.
4. When the wifi goes down.
5. For younger kids.
6. When we are in places that don’t have Internet access.

Resources to Get You Started

Plickers Help Page Common Sense Review Innovative Uses for Plckers

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