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Tools for Meaningful Digital Assessment: Quizizz


Quizizz is a fun web tool for creating engaging web quizzes for students. This tool has a large community of users, and teachers can select questions from already existing quizzes to add to their own. A quiz can be played live or assigned as homework, and Quizizz has a lot of features for personalizing the experience.
Click Here to go to the Quizizz site.

Click Here for the Quizizz Teacher Chrome App Click Here for the Quizizz Student Chrome App

Quizizz Intro Video

Screenshot of a Sample Quizizz Assessment


Just the Facts

Embeddable: No

Student Login Required: No

Share Options: Via link, class code, social media, Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Integration: Yes

Cost: Free

Question Types: One question type: Question with options. Could be used as T/F or Multiple Choice.

Standards Available: No

Feedback Options: No, but funny memes appear based on right or wrong answers.

Ease of Use: Easy

Support Resources: Good built-in support resources, videos, GIFs, etc. in Help Center.

User Community/Library: Large community creating quizzes that can be used. Also, nice feature of being able to just use the questions from other Quizizz’s that you want.

Why I Like It

1. Ability to cherry-pick questions from other public quizizz.
2. Ability to add images to questions.
3. Question preview inside question builder.
4. Ability to tag questions.
5. Ability to play live or assign as homework.
6. Ability to share via social media and URL.
7. Fun and engaging player interface.
8. Multiple ways to control player experience.
9. Funny memes included in the player experience based on answer.
10. Downloadable reporting features.

Why I Would Use It

1. For quick formatives.
2. As review and preview activities.
3. As a homework activity.
4. As practice on particular skills/standards.
5. When I want to share a quiz widely through social media.
6. When I want students to have a game experience.

Resources to Get You Started

Quizizz Help Center Common Sense Review Quizizz Teacher Resources Quizizz Update 2017

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