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Communication Tools to Connect Your Classroom to the World: Aurasma



Aurasma is an augmented reality (AR) tool that can be used to attach media to particular trigger images for viewing with the Aurasma mobile app. Teachers can use this tool to communicate information in the form of “Auras” through images in their classroom or on their classroom websites. They can also add Auras to signs and throughout the building that invite interaction for students and guests. Auras can include images, video and links to online content.

You will also want this link for when you are ready to create your own Auras:

Aurasma Mobile Apps

An Example of an Aura

To activate, you need the Aurasma app on your mobile device (see above). From inside the app, create an account (or sign into the account you created at the website). Next, follow the Channel titled “10 Ideas for the 1 Tablet Classroom”. You can then use the view feature of the app to view the Aura associated with the image below (you should see a short video and also be able to tap the Aura to open a blog post):



If you do not have Aurasma and would like to see the effect, check out this video:

Resources to Get You Started


Ways to Use Aurasma in Your Classroom

  1. Have students create Auras attached to self-portraits or art projects to introduce themselves.
  2. Follow and explore channels related to a particular topic that your class is studying.
  3. Create Auras that share your thoughts on the content of classroom posters.
  4. Have students create Auras that introduce guests to the classroom or school environment.
  5. Have students create Auras that link to digital content they have created.
  6. Have students create campaign posters with embedded Auras during school elections.
  7. Create Auras for images in your textbooks.
  8. Help young students create Auras of themselves talking about a piece of work such as a picture they colored.
  9. Have students collaborate to create Auras that speak to one another.
  10. Create Auras for images that you share on your class blog or website.

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