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Connected Educators Month Digital Tools

Communication Tools to Connect Your Classroom to the World: Facebook



Facebook Website

Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site. Educators can use Facebook to tell the story ¬†of their classrooms and schools, to communicate with students, parents and the community, and to create collaborative spaces for learning.

Here are examples of Facebook being used for school:


Facebook Mobile Apps

Resources to Get You Started

Ways to Use Facebook in Your Classroom

  1. Have students follow news feeds relevant to the course material in order to keep current information flowing through the class.
  2. Keep up with news through Facebook on groups like World News Now that provides video clips of world news.
  3. Have students become fans of politicians in order to learn about their platforms and hear what they have to say first hand.
  4. Create a Facebook representation of a work of literature.
  5. You can create groups for entire classes or for study groups with smaller subsets of students that allow for easy sharing of information and communication, without students even having to friend each other.
  6. From beginning of semester mixers to after-finals celebrations, easily schedule events for the entire class using Facebook.
  7. From unexpected absences to rescheduling exams, send messages to students through Facebook.
  8. With the ability to post videos, photos, and more, you can share multimedia content easily with the entire class.
  9. Instructors and students can contact each other through Facebook, providing an opportunity for better sharing of information.
  10. Facebook’s design promotes social interchange between participants, thereby increasing collaboration between students working on activities.

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