Google+ is a social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc. It is the second-largest social networking site in the world after Facebook. Some of the features that make Google+ a great communication tool include G+ Communities, Circles, and Hangouts.

Google+ Mobile Apps

Resources to Get You Started

Ways to Use Google+ in Your Classroom

  1. Have online collaborative meeting with other teachers from around the world.
  2. Trouble shoot your technology with a tech live on the spot.
  3. Bring in a panel of guest speakers into your classroom.
  4. Teach remotely when you have to be away from your classroom.
  5. Conference with parents that may not be able to come to school, especially if the parents work in different places.
  6. Go to a virtual PD conference.
  7. Connect with several pen pals that live in different states or countries.
  8. Create a Community for your class, your department, or your school.
  9. Share student work and demonstrate learning to the world.
  10. Connect your classroom with any group of people in the world. The possibilities are endless.

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