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Connected Educators Month Digital Tools

Communication Tools to Connect Your Classroom to the World: Twitter



Twitter Website
Twitter is a free microblogging tool that teachers can use as a classroom backchannel, as a way to connect with and learn from other educators and other classrooms, as a means for sharing information with students, parents and the community, and as a way to promote the great things that are going on in their classes.

Here is an Example of A Twitter Discussion:

[View the story “#evscchat 10-21-13” on Storify (Storify discontinued 5/16/2018)]

Twitter Mobile Apps

Resources to Get You Started

Ways to Use Twitter in Your Classroom

  1. Have students tweet as characters in books in real time as the class reads.
  2. Use Twitter as a backchannel during direct instruction.
  3. Tweet out reminders to students and parents.
  4. Share class learning and events in real time with parents and community.
  5. Follow other classes around the world.
  6. Follow relevant hashtags while learning about topics (ex. follow historic events as they unfold, astronauts as you study space, authors as you read their works).
  7. Tweet to relevant people who might have something to offer your class as they study (answers, encouragement, insight).
  8. Create hashtags that promote positive messages in your school community.
  9. Have students use Twitter as a response system by tweeting answers to questions.
  10. Have students write summaries, haiku and other short form assignments.
  11. Tweet out amazing class and student created products.
  12. Participate in global twitter chats such as #StuVoice and #rhkidschat.

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