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Communication Tools to Connect Your Classroom to the World: VoiceThread



VoiceThread Website
 VoiceThread is a tool for having conversations around media.  Whether it is images, videos, documents, presentations, or a combination of them, Voicethread can securely capture and hold a group discussion on one simple page.  Participants can participate in a digital conversation by phone, webcam, text, microphone, or file upload.  Basically, if you can view a webpage, you can join in the conversation.

VoiceThread Example 

VoiceThread Mobile App

Resources to Get You Started

Ways to Use VoiceThread in Your Classroom

  1. Have an asynchronous discussion. Give students a prompt to which they will respond when they are ready.
  2. Post an image to which students will respond via poetry.
  3. Host an online debate around a compelling issue.
  4. Encourage students to post work to collect feedback in the form of an online workshop.
  5. Have students post the beginning of a story to which others will offer endings.
  6. Post a newscast video of an historical event and have students react through their modern lens, then later through the lens of someone from the time.
  7. Have students teach a lesson via video and then post it. Have other students respond with questions and comments.
  8. Have students take a persuasive stand via VoiceThread and invite other students to comment.
  9. Gather classroom feedback by posting questions to guide lesson planning.
  10. Give students data to set up a problem, then have them make predictions as to the answer/solution to that problem.

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