Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a suite of creativity tools available on the web and iOS. Each of the tools (Post, Page, and Video) are easy to use, and fun to work with. Post can be used to make social graphics; Page creates beautiful web pages, and Video supports the creation of animated video narratives.
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Example Spark Post

Example Spark Page and Video

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Resources to Get You Started

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Ways to Use Adobe Spark in Your Classroom

  1. Create quote images as examples of evidence from a text.
  2. Create a class quote wall using Spark Post.
  3. Have students create avatars that represent themselves as an introductory assignment.
  4. Create web pages that explain a process or relate an experience using Spark Page.
  5. Create web persuasive web pages designed to change the world!
  6. Use Spark Video to storyboard larger video projects.
  7. Create promotional videos for events, products, or ideas.
  8. Create video cards for holidays or other special events.
  9. Teach narrative or organization for non-fiction writing assignments with Spark Video.
  10. Create a character study or plot analysis using Spark Page or Spark Video.