In the techie world we live in, there are endless possibilities to what teachers and students can do to liven up a presentation!  Today, I would like to share with you Blendspace.

Blendspace is an online presentation application, formerly known as Edcanvas.  I personally love the new name because it really describes what a user can do – blend different things together to make a very creative presentation.

Create an Account

You will first want to create an account.

  1. Go to BlendSpace
  2. Click on the blue Sign Up button
    Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.18.10 AM
  3. Who are you?
    Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.20.30 AM
  4. Choose I’m a Teacher
  5. Follow the steps to creating your account

Now you are ready to start.  If you plan to use this as a classroom tool you can setup classes on your account and pass the class code out to students.  Once you have successfully created your account and logged in you should see a screen similar to this:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.23.58 AM

Create a Class

To create a class – just click on Classes.  You will then see:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.25.25 AM


Choose the grade level and name your class.  Once the class is created you will receive a class code to give to your students.  Students will create their accounts exactly like you but they will choose I’m a student and when prompted will enter your class code.

Now that you have all the “business” out of the way you can start creating lessons.  Blendspace calls all the creations lessons.  These lessons can be created in your account and also shared with specific classes that you have created.

** When students are creating a lesson for your class, make sure they select the class when the first begin creating.  ** 

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.28.27 AM

Create a Lesson

Let’s walk through creating a lesson and all the features of Blendspace.

Click on New Lesson – the next window will be

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.30.08 AM
The parts of a Blendspace lesson:
  • Templates:  There are five templates to choose from
  • Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.45.37 AM
  • Themes:  Two color themes.  The only color that changes is the color behind each section heading.  (Dark or colors)
  • Play:  This is the feature you will use will presenting your Blendspace lesson.
  • Print:  If you choose to print your lesson.

What can you put in your Blendspace lesson and how?  What is awesome about Blendspace is you can search YouTube, Google, Educreations and more right in your Blendspace lesson template!  You can also connect your Dropbox account and your Google Drive account!  Your options are:  Create your own Text or Quiz, YouTube, Google Search (website or image), Vimeo, Flickr, Educreations, Gooru, Website link/embed code, Upload your own media file, files from Dropbox or Google Drive, or insert a Bookmark.

To search for what you are looking for, first select what you want to insert (example – YouTube), then type in a search word.  I am creating a Blendspace lesson on Halloween so I searched Halloween kids songs.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.52.10 AM


Now I just simply click on the video I want (I can preview it right in the search box before using it, too) and drag it to the spot I want to place it.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.54.17 AM

*** To add additional rows to your lesson, click on Add Row underneath the lesson template:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.55.10 AM

Share Your Lesson

Now – once you have gotten everything you want placed onto your Blendspace lesson it is time to share it.  If you created it for your class you will share as follows:
Click on Share in the top right corner and a new window will pop up.
Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.58.10 AM







For your class – click on the class you want to share it with.

For others – you can share via Edmodo, Facebook, Twitter, email, grab an embed code for your blog or website or share the QR code with anyone!

Happy Blending!!


Additional online presentation tools:

Your Challenge

Check out Blendspace or another presentation tool on the list.   Share your most creative uses of online presentation tools that you have for your class.  If you use another tool that is not on the list please feel free to share it.  We like links, so if you have some you could cough up we’d love it!



  1. I love the idea of a more engaging flow for lessons. I feel like my Prezis, Powerpoints, and FlipCharts tend to get old, so this would be a great tool to use for a unit and have everything convenient. I could even add it to my Weebly, so students could access all of it from home as well.

  2. I’m still a powerpoint user :( but I have had students use Prezi before to do projects for my class. What I like about Blendspace is that I tied it to my Google account so I.m hoping to get some free time to play around with it to showcase some of the student work that has been shared with me in my google Drive instead of printing out the work to display.

  3. I’d like to try Blendspace with my class and have them present on how marketers use commercials to target audiences. They can find various videos that represent different target audiences.

    I’ll have to say I’ve tried Prezi and I just don’t like it – sorry. I have been using electric slide with my ipad though and I really like it. I don’t have an airliner so I can load my presentation to electric slide and it gives me the freedom to move around the room during presentations. My students will also be using it soon.

  4. This can be really fun and I see a lot of endless ideas. I can see the possibilities of taking this program with the Tellagami (The 2nd day challenge) and combining them together to make a really cool lesson. You can create a Tellagami and add it into the Blendspace along with additional videos, etc. to create an all-in-one lesson. I love this idea. I am going to create a lesson on it this week.

  5. I really like blendspace, easy to use and a wealth of information to share with students. The only problem I have is that our school blocks YouTube videos. Bummer!

  6. As a counselor, and dealing with many different problems and conflicts, it would be nice to have the students create a Blendspace to address many of the problems that arise during the school day. By taking responsibilty for creating a visual or auditory solution, the student/s may accept more ownership of the conflict process. It would also be interesting to have the students explain why they chose each particular venue to illustrate their point.

  7. I’m always looking for new options for creating presentations. I really like the look and flexibility of blendspace. At the end of the semester, our juniors create an electronic portfolio of the speeches they delivered for Advanced Speech. Some students use Prezi, some use Capzules, and some have used Blendspace would fit right in. I’m certainly going to add blendspace to our “Creativity Tools” Weebly page.

  8. This is our first year for technology and keyboarding class here at Vogel. I love how easy this presentation program is. However, at this point in the year I am still trying to get them to understand all the parts of the computer and where all the keys are on the keyboard. I also tend to have the students use PowerPoint as their means of presentation. Mainly because that is what they see their teachers use and what they are more familiar with. I know I will use this with the students but don’t know about getting it in yet this year. It is up to me as the technology teacher to get more students and teachers to think outside of the box by using other presentation models such as this. Our 5th graders recently did an Explorers Project where they had to do research on a particular explorer. I could see this being a fun way to add a lot to their presentation verses just static slides or poster. Our 6th graders are also doing biographies on various people that they could easily use this for. Our 2nd graders are doing adjectives and I think it would be fun to have them each create a “slide” or part of the Blended lesson on their adjective to create a total lesson on adjectives that could then be shared with all the classes in 2nd grade . We are having the 6th graders use a program called the Mad Video that Bill Gumula introduced to the teachers. I then introduced it to the students and helped them set up accounts. The Mad Video is much like Thing Link only on major Vitamin C. It allows you to take a YouTube video and then add in markers to help turn the video into a biography. Taking small steps and working as a team with E-Learning Coaches, teachers, and students I hope to eventually get more of our staff and students to think outside the box and use a variety of tools for presentation such as Prezi, Blended Space, Thing Link, and Mad Video rather than the good old standby PowerPoint.

  9. I am really excited about this! I can’t wait to try it for the self-care groups that I lead for my students :) I use quite a few instructional videos and this will be a great way to save them for the next time.

  10. I may not have as much use for this program since I am not a teacher. However, I can see how it could be beneficial to teachers. I tried to create a desk ergonomics video with a quiz. I do like how easy it is to use.

    • Sherri,
      It is understood by us that not all people participating in the challenge are regular classroom teachers, but active participation on the challenge requires that each person add to the conversation by incorporating a way that the tool “could” be used in a classroom through a project or lesson.


  11. I currently have students create presentations of their vocabulary words. I use prezi and google docs. I am excited to add blendspace as an options for the students.

  12. I created a Kidspiration video lesson as a way to introduce the program to my 1st and 2nd graders. It’s a very simple program to use and the fact that you can sign up with a Google account makes it that much easier. My next adventure into this program will be to create a matching quiz of tech terminology.

  13. Blendspace reminds me a lot of creating bundles in My Big Campus, but you can share it with anyone in a variety of ways. It allows you to group multimedia formats together around a particular topic. In a matter of minutes, I threw together a lesson about story elements. (
    I can see me using this in professional development situations as well to provide teachers with resources to refer to after the PD is over. I could easily pull in documents and PD videos that I create myself, as well as pull examples from the internet. Great tool!

  14. Hey everyone!

    My name is Amy Lin and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Blendspace. Jenifer shared her post with me and I LOVE the great discussions and ideas here.

    If there are any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me me at [email protected]. I would love to hear from you!

    For some more ideas on how to use Blendspace: check out the webinar recordings that we’ve had the last two weeks at We did a webinar on using Blendspace for Collaboration Research Presentation and Digital Storytelling. There is one more webinar coming up this upcoming Monday 11/4 at 5PM Pacific Time on Blending Online and Face-to-Face Instruction. Hope folks can join us!


  15. I created a blendspace. I have seen prezi used before…. LOVE IT. In my classroom it would be amazing, bc a lot of times I use many resources to show the kids other students art, techniques, and directions. I like the idea of having it all in one to streamline and save time of clicking back and forth. I also like it because the interface is online, so it is not ties to one computer or use of sharing through google drive or drop box

  16. I just signed up for blendspace and explored the ideas of what others have created. I teach elementary art and I love the idea of having so many examples or video clips of an artist’s work. I plan to start using ipads in my classroom soon. It would be cool to have students create their own blendspace with their own work.

  17. This looks like it has a lot of room to allow for creativity. There are so many of these online presentation sites that sometimes they all blur together, but at a first glance, this seems to stand out more. And I can see where the ability to set up a class before you start will be helpful for sharing and organization.

      • I can see where BlendSpace might be a good way to create previews and reviews for the students. As you go along and you create these spaces, that material is there for those that miss a day or just want to go back and review past work. As a preview, students can come into the class ready for new material as they have already begun thinking about that topic.

  18. Blendspace is SO easy to use. I love how you can insert numerous YouTube clips about a particular topic.
    I think students would love to use it. My students recently used either Open Office presentation, Google Docs presentation or ActivInspire for an invasive species digital research project. I know that they would love to create a digital project using blended space. Some of my students have inserted media files in their projects and it adds a great element to their presentation. I created a quick Blendspace on Galileo Galilei for my sixth grade science students. We are studying force and motion this grading period. There is a reading on Galileo, so this would be a great introduction or replacement for the reading. I pasted a link on My Big Campus to use tomorrow. The link is:

  19. Really cool way of integrating so many online/digital resources in one place! Being able to create quizzes can be very useful as well. There are a lot of great apps out there but I do really like the flow of Blendspace and the numerous options available.

    Another presentation option for the actual delivery is Nearpod. Teachers create presentations with multimedia, interactive quizzes and content. Then in class the teachers app pushes the presentation to the students devices and controls the advance of the presentation. They can be interactive and require student participation and responses to questions or quizzes that are built into the presentation. It is free for iPad use I believe. They have a “school edition” that allows web access for computers, but I think it is a pay version.

  20. I love this. I have used Edmodo in the past to help organize my lessons, but I really like this site. It was super easy to use, and I love that I can search from the site and just drag and drop. I found a great video on adjectives made by a high school class. I’m going to use this to organize my lessons from now on. Thanks for sharing.

    Kelley Bland
    Spanish teacher

  21. All these tools are great if you have internet access. I keep running into the problem that all of my students don’t have access at home, which brings up a totally different topic.

    I was shown a couple of weeks ago and really liked it. The only issue that I have seen with it,is the photo/image filter is not sensitive enough for my liking to use with students.

    • Chris,
      Web access is a concern for many teachers, but this is a web tool’s type of challenge. The good news is that all schools have internet and at least access to devices if they are not one to one. I would suspect that all teachers have devices that they can use these tools with in the classroom. We all make do with things the best we can. is another good one, thanks for the comment!

  22. I was not familiar with blendspace before today, but I must say that I can certainly see its value – both for students to present information and for teachers to put together a lesson. I would certainly envision that with the link it would be possible to share this with a class that is set up in edmodo or My Big Campus. I was able to piece one together fairly quickly for a professional development piece that contained an article and a video that was meant to get content area teachers thinking about ways to teach informational text reading strategies in their classrooms and serve as a springboard for discussion at our next facutly meeting. By no means is it complete, but its a start. Feel free to check it out. The link is

  23. Blendspace is awesome! Its a great way to have all your video clips in one place for smooth whole class lesson, and then students can review the lesson individually. I use Active Inspire every day and this will be a great addition. I am always trying to find ways to include a signing element so that my students do not have to use an interpreter or closed captioning. With Blendspace I can add signing videos.

  24. Blendspace seems like a innovative but quick way to create a presentation. I was amazed at how quickly I could put one together. I especially liked the option that you could search for resources to add in from the SAME page you are creating it on! It seems like I spend HOURS searching for resources online. Blendspace made it quick and easy and pulled creditable resources. Plus, I love the fact that you can quickly preview all or part of the resource before you add it to your presentation. Tomorrow, I plan on researching how to create the quizzes and track student results online. I love time savers!!!

    • Also, I forgot to include how I would incorporate it in my classroom. Each year I give an assignment on examining technology changes over time. The students each pick one piece of technology and then create a presentation about how it was first invented and how it has evolved over time. The biggest problem I have every year is helping the students find resources. I think Blendspace would really help the students with finding those creditable sources and then presenting them in an interesting way. Thanks!

  25. Our district is 1:1 with technology. All students Grades 4-8 have iPads and students Grades 9-12 have Macbook Airs, so we have a lot of things open to us. Next year all grades, K-8, will have iPads 1:1. I teach 5th grade Social Studies and Science. I have used Google Presentations and I think it is great for group work in real time. I just recently used an app called Trading Cards which is awesome! I had my students create trading cards about the early explorers after researching information. It allows students to create a trading card, with a picture, for real and fictional people, places, objects, events, even vocabulary. Each section on the card gives guiding questions so the students can think about the best things to include on the card. We also use for a lot of our curriculum curation, student communication, and to assign/grade student work online.

  26. I am excited to become more familiar with Blendspace. It will help with the flow of a lesson easier because you can have everything handy and ready to use. I really like Prezi for presentations also. Here is my first day introduction. I do have to say that I took one from the public gallery and edited it to fit my own classroom. I did not create it entirely on my own.

  27. Seems really easy to navigate. I have been meeting with middle school teachers today who have been asking about different presentation resources. BOOM! I will be emailing this site out today. Thanks for making me look super smart. I have also be experimenting with PowToons for presentations. Lots of cool features there too.

      • I’m using PowToons to create a presentation to help our teachers better understand how eLearning Coaches can help them. I believe once teachers have witnessed the power of a PowToons presentation, they will sold on it. Funny animations, the ability to insert music, as well as voice make this app extremely versatile.

        I really like the idea a students who are not as comfortable presenting in front of others alternative platforms to present from.

  28. I am excited about this new tool! I use presentation style things daily whether its Prezi, ppt, or Activ and this could be another one to mix it up. I am ready to start my PBL unit in Business Math tomorrow over the kids having a landscaping business and this could be great for it. It seems easy enough to figure out but for the reluctant kiddos I have about trying something new… hope it works. Has anyone noticed a way to save it outside of the internet based cloud (did I read you could save it to google drive?)? Great find!

    • You can’t save it outside of the app but you can embed it into different places (blogs, websites, etc). Google Drive is integrated into Blendspace. You can connect your Drive and your Dropbox accounts which allows you to easily share items you have created/saved in those locations.

  29. We have used Keynote, PowerPoint, Prezi and Bundles in MBC (while different, it still presents material). My favorite ways are: 1) Students present a summary of a book as a presentation rather than a book report. 2) PBL Project Wrap Up – They must present to me as if they were on the show Shark Tank. Convince me that their outcome is correct, 3) I love to use presentations as directives for my online courses. 4) Students have also integrated Keynote and iMovie. Students create a Keynote, Record it and export it as a movie. We then place that movie inside an iMovie. This creates a multimedia presentation. 5) Students will create a bundle to provide me with supporting documents for their stance or opinion on a situation or story 6) We also use Bundles to teach one another – peer teaching.

    Really the possibilities are endless. I am experimenting with Prezi right now and will add Blendspace to my list.

  30. Here is a link of how I played with Blendspace this morning for Biology:

    What I did with this resource is VERY much what I do using My Big Campus: a place to list homework PDFs, videos for lesson reinforcement, website links for tutorials, etc. I already have so many resources already set up there that I don’t see myself transferring everything.

    However, I LOVE the ease of connecting so many of my online resources (DropBox, Google accounts, Educreations to name a few) at a single touch..and I can create from my school iPad! For students, I would like to use this as a possible research tool. This would be a very easy-to-use way to link their written information, and self-made videos to explain a topic such as mitosis. Much more interactive than just filling in notes & answering questions.

    I definitely see this as a tool to use soon.

    My concerns: Is there a limit to the number of student accts I can connect with? I have large classes (25+ most of he time) Also, I still haven’t figured out how to use/purpose of the QR code.

    • 3rd question: Once students create a lesson, can other students in their class view it also, make comments, etc? (And I hope NOT be able to change the lesson)

      • Other students are not able to change/alter other students’ creations. They can view the other students’ creations as long as the student shares it with them. When a student logs into their account they will only see what they have created and what their teacher has created/shared with them.

    • You can request a school account (free) and you will have unlimited student account availability.

      Blendspace for Schools

    • Tyra,
      Like yourself, I am not currently a classroom teacher, but we challenge you with each new day to share an example of how the tool can be used in the classroom. PD examples would be great to, but try to be specific on what PD you could provide using this.

      • I’m considering on using it for a training I have to do in a few weeks that has nothing to do with technology. I believe that using tools such as this to accomplish the mundane/required PD tasks serves 2 purposes: it meets the PD requirement and it exposes teachers to additional teaching tools that they may not have otherwise experienced. I could simply use Power Point; however, by exploring other tools, teachers can discover new technologies that they may find useful for classroom purposes as well.

  31. In the past I have always used prezi for a different kind of presentation tool. Blendspace is an awesome tool to use for a flipped classroom. You could create the lesson with all the resources the students need and then add a google form quiz in at the end. I like that you can upload things from your drive. I use the screen chomp app a lot when I am creating some kind of simple instruction video on the iPad, I could drop that site right in here with other things. I think it will also be a great tool for my teachers to use. I’m working on digital citizenship right now, this will make a great digital citizenship lesson.

  32. Blendspace would be a great way to personalize lessons with different online materials for differentiated instruction. You could create multi-step lessons and integrate quizzes You could create different “Blendspaces” for different groups or levels.

    • Traci,
      Our blog is setup so that we have to approve comments sometimes before they post. If you submitted it, it will show up. It just may take a little while before it does. We are keeping an eye out to approve them quickly. It also helps us track participation when we need to act on a comment before it shows.



    I made this lesson for my students today.

    I especially like how it filters out all of the other distractions and allows for the students to focus only on what is in front of them. If you hit the “full screen” button…it wont allow the students to do anything but work on this. I really see myself using this in the future. Thanks guys!

  34. I like this tool. I created to short lessons in no time. I did one on the history of Halloween and one for persuasive writing which I am working on with my small groups now. I like how fast this short lesson can be created and also that the students can create lessons also to share. I would think this would also be able to be linked to My Big Campus via a link which is what our school uses.

    I have included my link to the persuasive writing and the QR code link.×75

  35. You can even put quizzes in! The thing I love the most is that you can sign up with a google account which our kids already have. I thought it was super easy. I did it from my iPad so I was slightly limited but even still. This would be great for pd, another place teachers can go for resources. I made a quick one to intro persuasive writing and for process writing. The videos already loaded are fun.

    Tis could really help model the gradual release and the fact that your lesson would move very fluidly. Tall about maximizing instruction time!!

  36. You can also search the Blendspace gallery for public lessons! There are alot of great lessons that have been developed!

    • I love the Blendspace lesson you created! Blendspace is probably my favorite web presentation tool! I’m glad you enjoyed working with it!

  37. Blendspace seems to be a great way to haave my English students present persuasive essays as multimedia projects. Students can blend elements to help “persuade” their readers. Think of the animal commericial with that sad song “In The Arms of An Angel.” Students can add music, video clips, and items to enhance their written portion. If they were trying to convince people to vote for a certain person, they could include sound bits or speeches from both candidates highlight positive and negitive aspects. A cool way to eaisly turn a persuasive essay into a multi-media project.

  38. Like Miranda, my students will be starting on biographies next week and I would love to introduce this tool to them before they present their “person” to the class. I know my students enjoy making Prezi’s but I also know after a few presentations from the first quarter, some of them are getting bored with Prezi! I cant wait to play around with this site over the weekend so I can debut a unique presentation resource like blendspace to the class.

  39. This seems like a really great and innovative resource for our students. I am a fan of ActivInspire with the Promethean boards but I believe blendspace will be a really fun and engaging resource as well! I can’t wait to spend more time exploring this great resource!

  40. I think Blendspace is going to be a great resource. My students are getting ready to start biographies and I think this will be a great presentation tool. I think they will enjoy having the YouTube site right there and I think they will have fun with the presentation itself.

    I typically use Prezi and I know they enjoy that as well, but I think this gives them another option.

  41. Prezi is a good site as well. I’m a fan of Google Presentations because the kids can work together in real time. I’ve used that feature in some of my English classes.

    There are so many options on Blendspace. I’m really impressed with the intuitiveness of the site and its ease of use. Next time I create a presentation, I’ll use this site. I like having my Google Drive linked to it; I save all of my files on Drive so I can access them from home and from school. Now I can just drop anything straight into the presentation. Awesome site!

  42. I’ve seen and used Prezi before which is another great presentation site! I’ll explore blendspace some more too as I like the capabilities it has to display and incorporate different file types in the presentation.

      • Teaching study skills, reviews for tests, and mini lessons. I used Prezi for my parent open house this year and will for team meetings. Prezi has been used a lot for our professional development meetings the past couple years going through the schedule and different topics we are needing to discuss. PowerPoint works but certainly not as cutting edge as these newer web based presentation tools.

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