Today’s post highlights a text communication tool for educators called REMIND.  As you know, teens and their phones rarely part.  So why not send their devices class reminders and shout-outs from you?

REMIND is a notification program that sends out text and emails messages from the teacher. The teacher’s phone number is NOT displayed and the service does not provide conversation interaction.  Teachers create a class in REMIND and the class is assigned a unique code that is used when students and parents sign up for text or email notifications.

Once they are signed up, students and parents will receive a text message or email from the teacher anytime it’s sent to the class.  Teachers log in to REMIND via the web to post a reminder.  Each message is limited to 140 characters.

Student and parent phone numbers are not displayed to the teacher since all subscribers are identified by name only.  Teachers can create up to 10 classes and have an unlimited number of students and parents signed up in each class. REMIND has the ability to schedule messages to be sent at a specific day and time.

Teacher view to submitting message:

remind message

Student view of received message:

remind text

The best part of REMIND is that it is FREE!

There are a couple of text services that have limited free texts and work on tiered pricing for additional users.  They are; ClassPager and KikuText (website is no longer available)

Your challenge:

In the comments section of this post describe a way you would use a text service.


  1. Since reading about this, I have started texting my students regarding an issue we have had at school. My class location depends on which computer lab is open so we move around a bit. I text them in the mornings so they know which lab to come to. It is also useful when I have a student who is going to interview someone prior to coming to school. I can send them reminders or any last minute thoughts. Over break, their assignment will be to come up with an innovative project that they are passionate about. I will be texting them during break to remind them of this assignment and to share websites that might inspire them. Kids communicate by texting and this is a great way to share information with them.

  2. I am now using Remind 101 for the parents and students that have signed up so far. I send them a reminder of upcoming class project due dates and final times. I like using it with my high school students because they check their text messages.

  3. I think this would be great at the high school level but I have reservations at the middle school level.
    This would be great to notify the parents of upcoming events, but I have to question, “When do we hold students accountable for their work?” The students are given agendas to write down all of their assignments. If they are not using that tool, will they not use this tool? Will they use it as an excuse, “You didn’t send out a ‘Reminder’…”

    Also, what about the kids that don’t have cell phones or have limited texting? Will they not sign up because they will run out of “minutes”?

    Is this better than making a class email list and sending out a note at then end of the day?

    I think this is a good tool, if the all of the kids have the access to it.

  4. A friend of mine said that her son had gotten messages like this from a high school teacher and she really liked it. When I first read this, I thought I was going to have to enter a lot of phone numbers, etc. and I thought “NO WAY!” I think this would work great for middle school. The kids have a hard time remembering things. I also have gotten a lot of good ideas from reading other teachers’ ideas! Thanks.

      • I would have messages about assignments, quizzes and projects. I currently have several students who have not turned in a project and their parents would have liked to have known in this easy way that it was assigned. It is on my webpage, but apparently they don’t check there. It would be simple then to add other bits of info like the fact that this is spirit week and today is red and green day.

  5. I love Remind 101. I used it last year to communicate with parents on special events and/or important texts. Parents liked it because they knew information right away and didn’t have to wait for a note to be sent home. This is a really super program and can be used by teachers of all grades. This program is very easy to use and I would recommend it to everyone.

  6. Setting up after-school groups is another great use. Reminding them of fundraiser events, deadlines, competitions, practices or cancelled practices. They get a message directly to their phone which is never far away. Parents can sign up as well and receive these communications as well. If parents do not text or if plans do not carry texting, they can also sign up via email. This way it can be truly free to all even if they do not have texting capabilities.

  7. Remind 101 looks great and I’m glad a lot of teachers use it and like it…I may try it but as of now I message using My Big Campus to individual or groups with announcements!

  8. I think that remind 101 would be great to use. The students and parents not seeing your phone number or you not seeing theirs is the best. I do not have classes, but I would definitely use it if I did. Reminders for tests, homework or even just a friendly word of encouragement would be great. Setting up classes, so all you need is one text is certainly a plus too. I will definitely introduce this app to all the teachers at school

    • I like the idea of using for encouragement. With our school using PBIS and more schools moving towards that way this is an excellent idea thanks for shaing.

  9. I love it! I am going to recommend this to all of my teachers! I also will get the opportunity to teach at a college level this summer and can not wait to try it out!

  10. Aside from it’s use in the classroom, I can see using Remind 101 with student groups and organizations to remind them of events, deadlines, and schedule changes. May teaching partner and I are taking a group of students on Washington DC Close Up trip this spring. We will use Remind 101 to update students on events.

  11. I immediately have a use!!! My choir parents!!! I am always needing to tell them something or remind them of a practice or performance. I would use this at least once a week!

  12. This would be a great tool at the college level if the teacher is running late or needs to cancel the class – she/he can let the class know all at once. This avoids a lot of disgruntled college kids having to just hang around waiting the required amount of time. It could also state a message as to check Blackboard for the missed lecture/assignment. At a lower level, it could be used to remind students/parents of an upcoming test or time change/cancellation of an event. It could be used by administration to communicate quickly with their faculty.

  13. Being a teacher that is in constant communication with my parents this is a very helpful resource and I LOVE that it’s free! Sending one way messages, without sharing phone numbers is a gift when trying to communicate early morning schedule changes, helpful tips on assignments and school happenings that didn’t make the cut into the newsletter.

  14. Since I am not in a classroom, I have thought about other ways I could use Remind 101. I could use it to communicate quickly with my other staff members for quick communication. People don’t always check their email constantly, but they always check their texts!

  15. This is a great tool and there are a couple of teachers in our building using this. I plan on using this second semester so I am not starting in the middle of things. I think the one piece of advice I have heard is that you need to careful with the number of messages you send. One of our teachers said that she had some students complain about the number of texts they were getting.

      • Text services like this could be a great tool in a number of ways. Beyond the obvious as a reminder service, it could be an automator asking parents to contact the teacher to discuss grades or to pass on good words. It is a bit impersonal, but it does help speed up the process and allow the teacher to do more in a shorter amount of time.

        Moving to students, could it be a fun activity? How about texting out an Easter Egg, a bonus or special thing that they could do on their own or find and explore? That would make the class more fun and exciting, plus put some of the burden on the students to keep up with the material outside of the class.

  16. I haven’t used Remind 101 because I typically remind students of upcoming events through MBC. I do like, however, that it automatically goes to their phones which means kids will probably get the information much quicker (although I believe MBC can be set up that way as well). Like most have said, it is a great tool for reminding students of tests, deadlines, meetings, etc. You could also have a little fun with it and have an occasional bonus activity…i.e. “the first person who emails me the answer to the following question will receive 5 bonus points.”

  17. I had heard about Remind 101 and have the app on my ipad already but have not used it. I know several teachers who do use it to remind students and parents about tests and other items and the parents love it. I think its great to remind students about deadlines for projects and upcoming tests. We have a One Call system that our school uses for school cancellations already and school wide notifications. This is a way to notify just a class or group. I like the idea someone mentioned about notifying assistants about schedule changes as this happens frequently in my department. If only they had a way to check them.

  18. As a sixth grade teacher, I think I would rather use this feature with their parents because not all students have a phone at this age. It would be a great tool to send reminders for assignment dates, sending links to great websites for the current topic of study. I could also send general reminders about our school’s happenings especially PTA functions. If I used with my students, I would first need to survey how many of them have phones. Maybe I would be surprised how many of them have their own cell phone.

  19. I set through a seminar about Remind101 this summer and was enticed with its capabilities. I use My Big Campus and Harmony to post a weekly assignment sheet. However, I notice many students don’t look at this until I tell them to in class (scary sometimes…).

    I plan to use Remind101 beginning with my next group of classes in January. The text messages are nice quick reminders for quizzes, tests, research projects due, etc. with my classes resources posted online and/or the students’ iPads, the text will be an excellent reminder combined with access to their supplies.

    I also coach and see this being a valuable tool for date/time changes for competitions.

  20. I have been on the receiving end of something similar to Remind 101. I find it very useful as a parent. I could use this program to remind parents to turn in forms or about community outings that their child may benefit from participating in.

  21. I love Remind 101!! I have used it for two years now and it has been an amazing tool to keep in touch with my students and parents. I send home weekly reminders about the upcoming events, reminders about tests, field trips, or even just to tell the parents what an awesome day we may have had. I like that the parents cannot see my actual phone number and I can’t see theirs because we all have parents that would abuse the fact that they had our personal number. ;) It’s simply a terrific communication tool.

  22. LOVE Remind 101 just about as much as Dropbox. I used it ALL the time when I had a homeroom class to email parents about upcoming events at the school, homework due dates, when money was due, if I forgot something in class, and the list goes on. I love the privacy feature that you can’t see their number, they can’t text back, and they can’t see your number. I also LOVED being able to set up ahead of time events that I wanted to let my parents know about. I liked that it had a nice explanation letter for parents that you could print off or email them with the instructions and code that they would be calling. My parents also LOVED the fact that if thier child forgot to write something down in their agenda book they could count on my text to remind them that they had homework or had pictures or needed lunch for a field trip, etc. I have not used it yet this year having the technology/keyboarding class. Reading through the posts gave me some ideas that I could have my parents and students sign up and let them know what we are working on in class or when school events are coming up. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to use this again this year.

  23. I have not used Remind 101 but I have a teacher who loves it. I want to get that Information out to staff so that they could use it to keep parents informed of upcoming events and even changes that happen spur of the moment, such as athletic schedule changes.

  24. I have never used a tool like this one but I can see how it could be practical. I am going to use it for my academic team to remind them to come to my room for quizzes or discussions. Also to keep them updated on wher we are in readings. This will be useful because my team is made up of students who are not in my class and very involved in school funtions. Often times they miss meetings because of other commitments. I can keep them updated via texts with this tool.

    • Keeping your academic team updated with study info is useful, especially since you may not have them in your class. Great way to communicate to a variety of students.

  25. I love the security idea that my number is not given out. I could see this to be helpful to remind students or communicate to them changes in schedule or assignments.

  26. I have heard of a text program like this. I am so glad that I know what it is now! I have been using Twitter in order to keep up with students and posting/reminding about homework and tests and such. I think I will like this more! This goes directly to their phone! Homework and tests are the biggest things that students forget about, I see this as being a vital part of communication between the teacher and the parent/student.

    Thank you for sharing. I am going to go make an account now.

  27. I use Remind 101 on a regular basis. I have opened it up to parents as well, so that has made things extremely helpful for some students.

    I send reminders for just about everything. I send reminders about class assignments, quiz/test, signed papers, spirit weeks.

    The kids love getting the reminders, even if they already have the assignment finished.

    I think it is better this year, because all of my students have an email account. It is nice to be able to send a reminder through email as well… I’m glad that is an option.

    Also, I love that they can’t see my number and I can’t see their number. :)

  28. I use Remind 101 with my flute studio and iCats Help Desk Students. My favorite uses are to simply remind them, tell them something I forgot to communicate during a meeting, inform of sudden schedule changes or announce future events. The best feature is scheduling an announcement for a future time or date simply because once I get busy I am the one who needs the reminder. Once I think of it, I take care of it, even if it is 4 in the morning! The reality is that students check their texts before they check email. Great facet for communication!

  29. I have been using remind 101 with my academic team, and our principal uses it for timely reminders. Last year when we had a cancellation due to a power failure, we heard it from him before anyone else.

  30. Being able to set up multiple groups is a great feature of Remind 101. A teacher may want a group for his/her teaching team, a group for the class, or a group for different classes. Being able to easily select a group and push out a quick reminder is great. I remember many occasions where I’m getting ready for work in the morning, and I have that thought of “oh, I wish I had reminded them to XXXX one more time.” Having this feature, you can send a quick reminder any time.

  31. I have never used Remind 101 sounds like a great tool. I will definitely tell the other teachers in my building about it. Thanks

  32. Remind 101 rocks! Students check EVERY text they get. The fact that it is a one way communication line is great. Something as simple as sending a positive message is a great way to let students know you care. Remind 101 being free is the cherry on top. It’s a great product for middle and high school teachers, but more and more elementary students are getting their own cell phones.

    The safety features that are built in are great too. You never give out your number and you never see student or parent numbers. I also like that message can never be deleted. Great app.

  33. I am using Remind 101 this year for my geometry sections. Parents and students have signed up for it. The kids really like it from what they say about getting a reminder about upcoming tests and project due dates. A few days ago a student asked if I could send just him a text a period or 2 before ours to remind him to bring his book! Ummm, no. But I really do like it. And a feature that I LOVE is that you can set up the reminders in advance. So, as I plan the entire unit I set it up too for reminders about studying and supplies needed in class for projects.

  34. I use Remind 101 quite often. It’s a really useful program that allows me to remind students of upcoming tests or project deadlines. I also use it to help keep my yearbook students motivated and excited about the yearbook. I’ll text them about sales goals and fundraising totals.

    My one cautions is that you don’t overuse it. Kids don’t like getting spammed!

  35. I love Remind 101! Teaching a resource study hall, I am able to subscribe to other teachers to get their class texts to be on my toes for my students. I also have my own Remind 101 account for my Instructional Assistants to send quick notes to them about schedule changes and bursts of motivational quotes. Lastly, coaching wrestling and track, I use Remind 101 for my teams to get information out to parents and players. The safety and security of not sharing numbers but able to send 1 way messages is very nice and convenient.

    • Safety and security is a definite selling point for this FREE service. I like the fact that the teacher, parent, and student numbers are never seen.
      As a resource teacher, subscribing to other teachers’ Remind101 number is a great use of the tool. Thanks!

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