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Plickers: Easy Formative Assessment

PlickersiOS.AnnotatedCameraView is a combination of the words “paper” and “clickers,” and that is essentially what they are, paper clickers. Here’s the basic premise. You print out, free of charge, the 40 different paper “clickers” from the Plickers website. You then download, again, free of charge, the Plickers App for your iOS or Android device.

On the website you will create an account and add your classes, assigning each student a number, from 1 to 40¬†and make sure that the correct student gets the correct number Plicker. Finally, you set-up a question(s) on your iOS or Android device, tied to a particular class, and then ask the students to orient their Plicker to the correct answer and hold it up. You then use your device’s camera to scan the room, instantly recording and graphing each student’s answer choice. This data is saved to the Plickers website so you can go back later and review it. It is really a simple way to formatively assess your classroom using nothing more than your SmartPhone or tablet.

Android.AnnotatedCameraViewSo where do I get the cards?
You can print them for free on the Plickers site.

Where can I get more support?
Plickers has a terrific support page with lots of clear instructions. Access it here.

The support site is really helpful, with step-by-step instructions, and the scanning of student bar coded answers is really easy, and most importantly, it works! Formative assessment, saved digitally, reviewable, instantly recorded, and best of all, free! Definitely worth a look by every teacher! Check it out!

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