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Digital Tools

Snap Guide App

Disclaimer: This post is only for iPad/ iPhone users and is a WebApp.

Ever wanted to know how to do something but didn’t want to read those long directions? Snap Guide will help with that! Instead of reading directions, users create guides on how to create, make, or change something using pictures, video, and small amounts of text. Sometimes the guides are basic, while others show you how to enhance your current state.  You as an educator could use this to accompany a “how to” speech, in project based learning, or for guiding students to create a website for your class. The possibilites are endless for teaching others about “how to” do just about anything!

You must create a user name and password or sign in with your Facebook or Google account. 

*REMINDER* Your EVSC Google Account Log in:

User name: [email protected]

Password: Email Password

Here’s a guide on how to create a guide on Snap Guide: Creating a Guide on ipad with Snap Guide


Feel free to share how you’ve used or plan to use Snap Guide in your classroom. 




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