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Tools For Curating the Web: Blendspace




Formerly Edcanvas, Blendspace is a teaching tool that allows teachers and students to create lessons made of digital resources. Basically, users have the power to curate resources from across the web, through the cloud, and specifically through such resources as Dropbox, Google Drive, Gooru, Educreations, and more. The lessons can then be shared in several ways. Teachers can create classes in which students can share their lessons as well.

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What is Blendspace?


Example Blendspace Lesson


Resources to Get You Started


ICATS Blendspace Challenge

I Heart EdTech Review

Flip Class With Blendspace

Blended Learning with Blendspace

About Blendspace Handout

Blendspace Video Tutorial

Ways to Use Blendspace in Your Classroom

  1. Create a lesson as a learning playground to introduce a topic, unit, book, or skill.
  2. Have students create a lesson to introduce something that they are passionate about.
  3. Have students create a lesson for other students.
  4. Have students create a lesson as a culmination of a research project.
  5. Have students tell a story with a lesson in which each tile points to a chapter, scene, or monologue.
  6. Create lessons that showcase student work to share with colleagues and parents.
  7. Create lessons  for student remediation and further exploration.
  8. Have students create lessons that explore local history, environment, culture, or business.
  9. Have students create lessons that introduce visitors or new students to the class.
  10. Create lessons about your school that showcase its history, its current successes, and its culture.

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