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Tools For Curating the Web: Diigo



Diigo is a social bookmarking application that enables users to highlight, annotate and bookmark web content, and then share their annotations with others. Collaborators can then add their own highlights and annotations. Diigo is an extremely effective tool for organization, research, reflection, and collaboration. Students in upper-grades can make excellent use of this for learning. Use of the Diigolet browser extension makes this a must-have tool for curating the web.

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Diigo Apps

Diigo for iOS

Diigo for Android

What is Diigo?


Great Starter Video


Resources to Get You Started


Student Learning with Diigo

12 Reasons to Use Diigo

Using Diigo in Middle School

Diigo Page

Diigo How-To Guide

Diigo Online Tutorial


Ways to Use Diigo in Your Classroom

  1. Organize resources for particular topics, units of study, projects
  2. Reflect and collaborate with colleagues around professional goals.
  3. Have students develop reading skills through annotation and close reading.
  4. Have students share their research with you as they complete it, then give them feedback on their annotations.
  5. Have students synthesize information from related readings.
  6. Annotate student blogs with feedback for editing and improvement.
  7. Have students build libraries of relevant and viable research around topics that can be shared with students to come.
  8. Have students prepare for debates and persuasive writing with Diigo.
  9. Have students create collections of poetry and practice analysis within them.
  10. Have students share their research through Diigo groups..

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