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Tools For Curating the Web: MentorMob/LessonPaths

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MentorMob/Lesson Paths

MentorMob/LessonPaths is a tool that allows teachers to create learning playlists that students can work their way through chronologically. Each step of the playlist can be a web link, a file that the teacher uploads, an article that the teacher writes, or a quiz that the teacher creates. Having all of these features together makes for a very versatile way to create interactive learning paths for students. Additionally, each playlist can be made public for viewing and can even be made editable by the public, creating a shared resource for all of humanity.

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The Main Idea

Yes, this is a MentorMob video, but LessonPaths works the same way :)


Example LessonPaths Lesson

Create your own Playlist on LessonPaths!


Resources to Get You Started


ICATS MentorMob Challenge

Getting to Know LessonPaths

10 Reasons I Love MentorMob

Video Tutorials

LessonPaths Official Blog

What’s on Your Playlist?

Ways to Use MentorMob/LessonPaths in Your Classroom

  1. Create a playlist as a learning playground to introduce a topic.
  2. Have students create a playlist to introduce themselves, a classmate, or their community.
  3. Have students create a playlist to teach a skill or share a passion.
  4. Have students create a playlist with information related to a research project.
  5. Have students tell a story with a playlist in which each step points to a chapter, scene, or monologue.
  6. Create playlists of student work to share with colleagues and parents.
  7. Create playlists of resources for student remediation, further exploration, flipped learning, or blended learning.
  8. Have students create playlists that function as digital portfolios, albums, or scrapbooks.
  9. Have students create playlists that are designed to persuade an audience of a point of view.
  10. Create playlists that feature local history, culture, and environment.
  11. Collaborate with colleagues to design playlists that support professional development.

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