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Tools For Curating the Web: Sqworl

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Sqworl is a curation tool that can be used to create visual bookmarks of multiple URLs. By providing a small amount of information related to each link in the bookmark grid, Sqworl is useful for those times when you need enough information to select among multiple options, but not so much information that you are overwhelmed with the page. Sqworl has a nice, clean interface that is useful in many ways.

What is Sqworl?


Example Screenshot

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 3.24.13 PM


You can check out this page live by clicking this link.

Resources to Get You Started

Ways to Use Sqworl in Your Classroom

  1. Create a Sqworl as a learning playground to introduce a topic.
  2. Have students create a Sqworl to introduce themselves, a classmate, their town, or a topic.
  3. Have students create a Sqworl for all of your class’ go-to sites.
  4. Create a Sqworl of your students’ blogs, web pages, etc.
  5. Have students create a Sqworl for information related to a research project.
  6. Create Sqworls of student work to share with colleagues and parents.
  7. Create webmixes of resources for student remediation and further exploration.
  8. Have students create Sqworls as digital portfolios, journals, albums or scrapbooks.
  9. Have students create Sqworls that represent their learning in your class across the semester/year.
  10. Create Sqworls that catalog resources around particular topics/skills and make them available in a Sqworl library.
  11. Have students create step-by-step tutorials in which each tile is a step in the process.

Nice New Feature

Check out the new Sqworl Explorer feature:

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