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Tools for Meaningful Digital Assessment: Socrative


Socrative is a useful, cloud-based student response system that users can access from any device. It includes a simple interface for teachers and students. Socrative also has nice reporting features and a large selection of standards.
Click Here to go to the Socrative site.

Click Here for the Socrative iOS Teacher App Click Here for the Socrative iOS Student App Click Here for the Socrative Android Teacher App Click Here for the Socrative Android Student App Click Here for the Socrative Chrome Teacher App Click Here for the Socrative Chrome Student App

Socrative Intro Video

Screenshot of a Sample Socrative Assessment

Just the Facts

Embeddable: No

Student Login Required: No

Share Options: Through room code. Also, link can be shared so assessment can be used by other teachers.

Google Classroom Integration: No

Cost: Free for one room. MANY more features and more capacity if you upgrade to Pro for $30/year.

Question Types: T/F, Multiple Choice, Short Answer. Also, 2 formats: Exit Ticket and Space Race.

Standards Available: Yes

Feedback Options: Just through answer explanations

Ease of Use: Easy

Support Resources: Useful help page with videos.

User Community/Library: None to speak of, but users can share assessments with each other.

Why I Like It

1. Easy to create quick assessments.
2. Student interface is friendly.
3. Can be accessed on any device.
4. Easy to use reporting feature that connects with Google Drive.
5. Rich library of various standards, not just Common Core.
6. Pre-generated Exit Ticket.
7. Space Race Game is fun and engaging.
8. Nice, simple interface.

Why I Would Use It

1. For exit tickets.
2. For quick formatives during class.
3. When I want to save my data/results.
4. If I need to tag questions with my standards.
5. When I want to make the quiz process more fun.

Resources to Get You Started

Socrative Help Page Common Sense Review Udemy: How to Use Socrative

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