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Tools to Unleash Creativity: Animoto




Animoto is a great web tool for creating videos and slideshows that include photos, video, audio and text. It’s easy to use, and educators can get a special educator’s account that allows them to create unlimited videos with their classes. The many themes and styles that Animoto provide make it possible to create very personalized and slick looking videos without the need to have advanced video editing skills.

Click Here To Go To The Animoto Education Site

Animoto Mobile Apps

Animoto Android App

Animoto iPhone App

Animoto iPad App

Animoto Introduction Video

Example Animoto Video



Resources to Get You Started

Getting Started with Animoto

Bringing Lessons to Life

Animoto Activity Ideas

5 Ideas for Videos

Lights, Camera, Engagement!

Animoto Tutorial


Ways to Use Animoto in Your Classroom

  1. Have students create autobiographical or introduction videos.
  2. Have students create a video collage based on a theme or topic covered in your class.
  3. Have students make day-in-the-life videos of characters in books or people in the school.
  4. Create an inspirational video montage of a class’s preparations for an assessment.
  5. Have students introduce a topic via video.
  6. Create discussion-starter or anticipation videos.
  7. Create motivational videos made of quotes and images.
  8. Create an art portfolio video.
  9. Have students create video writing prompts for the class.
  10. Have students capture images from a class activity and mix them in a video for sharing with parents and the community.
  11. Create videos that share content that you want to discuss in your next class.
  12. Create videos that convey what it is like to live in your town or learn in your school.
  13. Create video post cards that can be sent to parents on special days like Valentine’s Day.
  14. Create videos that teach concepts related to digital citizenship, character, or culture.
  15. Host a school-wide video challenge.

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Heather Coy October 23, 2014 at 6:13 pm

Another create tool to add to our creativity toolbox. I can see many uses for Animoto. Our Shepard juniors plan and execute community service projects. Animoto would be a great way for the students to create their presentation on their project. I can use Animoto to create our informational presentation for Shepard Academy. Or course, it provides lots of opportunities for student projects and a year-in-review for our class.

Timothy Wilhelmus October 24, 2014 at 7:46 am

I agree that this tool offers a lot of different possibilities. Heather, if this is your post for the 30 Day Challenge, could you copy it, and post it on the actual 30DC post here: https://evscicats.com/blog/day-2-30dc14-open-a-window-to-your-classroom-with-animoto/ Cheers!


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