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Tools to Unleash Creativity: BeFunky



BeFunky is a free, no registration photo editor that allows you to add tons of effects, borders, and goodies to your photos.  Start having fun right now and add some spice to your digital photos.

Click Here To Go To The BeFunky Site

BeFunky Mobile Apps

Android App

BeFunky iOS App

BeFunky Screencast Demo


Example of an image created with BeFunky


Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.46.38 PM

Resources to Get You Started

BeFunky Support


HubPages Review

BeFunky Comics

BeFunky Wiki – (Site discontinued Jan 2018)

BeFunky Tutorial

Ways to Use BeFunky in Your Classroom

  1. Create comic books using the befunky cartoonizer.
  2. Practice principles of photography and learn design concepts.
  3. Create your own photos and avatars for blogs, wikis and websites.
  4. Create classroom posters that illustrate important concepts.
  5. Design posters for school elections or extracurricular initiatives.
  6. Teach young children colors by applying different filters to the same photo.
  7. Illustrate class books of poetry, stories, etc.
  8. Teach mood by applying different filters to the same photo.
  9. Teach symbolism by having students take and design photos to represent an idea.
  10. Have students create images as focus for autobiographical introduction.

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