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Tools to Unleash Creativity: Big Huge Labs



Big Huge Labs

Big Huge Labs allows you to do fun stuff with your digital photos. Create and print personalized motivational posters, calendars, movie posters, magazine covers, badges, mosaics, collages, trading cards, and much more!

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An Example of a Motivational Poster Created Using Big Huge Labs


BHL Example

Resources to Get You Started

Ways to Use Big Huge Labs in Your Classroom

  1. Comic pages can be created.
  2. Create Trading cards at the beginning of the year for students to get to know each other. Some teachers make copies of each card and give a class pack to each student.
  3. Students can make magazine covers for famous people reports.
  4. Students can create posters for different messages such as drug prevention week, fire safety day, or Earth Day.
  5. Create Trading cards for characters in a book and use them in a book report assignment.
  6. Students can create a mosaic for the chapter or unit they are studying.
  7. For new students at your school, you could create faculty trading cards so students can get familiar with the staff without actually meeting each one.
  8. Students can create inspirational/motivator posters for your school. Some examples could be cooperation, pride, teamwork, success, unity, kindness, and achievement.
  9. Students could create magazine covers with headlines stating facts from the unit or chapter they are studying.
  10. Students could create a movie poster for their favorite novel and give a book report.

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