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Tools to Unleash Creativity: Blabberize

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Blabberize is a very easy application that allows you to speak through a picture. Students can manipulate the picture to say what they want it to say. Teachers have used this resource for quick projects such as having students retell a story, book reviews, explain a math or science process, create biographies. The possibilities are endless.

Click Here To Go To The Blabberize Site

Blabberize Example (click the image to be taken to the example)




Resources to Get You Started

Web20 Intro – (website is no longer available)

Blabberize Wiki – (Site discontinued Jan 2018)

Resource Page – (Site discontinued Jan 2018)

Video Demo

3I Review

Nerdy Teacher

Ways to Use Blabberize in Your Classroom

  1. Students or teachers could use this tool to introduce themselves to the class.
  2. Teachers can use this tool to make announcements or ask weekly questions.
  3. Students can use Blabberize to read their reports and other writing assignments.
  4. To aid resource students, teachers can record oral pronunciation of vocabulary words as a review-guide for upcoming assessments.
  5. Foreign language students could upload a photo of themselves dressed up and use Blabbarize to speak “in character” for different assignments.
  6. Science teachers could use a Blabberize to give instructions for each step of an experiment.  If anyone needs instructions repeated, just replay the message.
  7. Students can create a Blabberize dressed as different characters in a book or novel and have them report on parts of the book from that character’s point of view.
  8. Students could upload a picture of an animal and give a report on that animal.

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