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Tools to Unleash Creativity: Magisto




Magisto is a web tool and mobile app that provides a free automatic video editing service for amateurs. According to the website, Magisto aims to solve the problem of video editing being too complicated and time-consuming by letting users edit their videos in a click. It has built its service on patent-pending image analysis technology that analyzes unedited videos and identifies the most interesting parts. The system recognizes faces, animals, landscapes, action sequences, movements and other interesting content within the video, as well as analyzes speech and audio. These scenes are then edited together, along with music and effects, into share-worthy clips.

Magisto Mobile Apps

Magisto Screencast Demo


Example Magisto Video

Resources to Get You Started

Ways to Use Magisto in Your Classroom

  1. Assign a videographer of the day to capture class and post it on your class website.
  2. Make a video collage of clips that illustrate an idea or theme.
  3. Make day-in-the-life videos of characters in books or people in the school.
  4. Create an inspirational video montage of a class’s preparations for an assessment.
  5. Have students introduce a topic via video.
  6. Create discussion-starter videos.
  7. Create motivational videos made of quotes.
  8. Create an art portfolio video.
  9. Have students create biographical videos (my family, my favorite things).
  10. Have students share their definitions of a word and make a mash-up for that word.

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