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Tools to Unleash Creativity: Moovly

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Moovly is a great timeline-based video editor that comes with a library of images and backgrounds that can be used to easily tell a story. Each of the images comes with animation options that can really bring a video to life. Additionally, users can upload their own images and audio to enhance their projects.  The finished product can be uploaded to YouTube, Published to Moovly, shared on Facebook, Downloaded, or shared through email. This tool would be great for digital storytelling, for creating flipped-classroom videos, or for creating informative, narrative, or persuasive video projects.

Click Here To Go To The Moovly Site

Moovly Introduction Video

Moovly Example

Resources to Get You Started

Moovly for Education Site

B’s Life Blog Post

DigiTeacher Blog Post

Teachers First Review

Moovly on Pinterest

Ways to Use Moovly in Your Classroom

  1. Have students tell a story with Moovly.
  2. Have students introduce themselves with Moovly.
  3. Have students demonstrate a process with Moovly.
  4. Create a commercial for your class with Moovly.
  5. Have students create a persuasive video such as a PSA with Moovly.
  6. Teach a concept with Moovly.
  7. Have students create a motivational video.
  8. Create a promotional video or video invitation with Moovly.
  9. Have students participate in a video challenge around a classroom theme or lesson.
  10. Create a video that highlights your classroom expectations in a memorable way.

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