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Tools to Unleash Creativity: Photofunia

Photofunia Logo

PhotoFunia is a free, online photo enhancing tool that can be used to tell stories with a user’s photos. PhotoFunia has hundreds of free effects that transform a photo by placing it in a setting. Photofunia also has effects that allow users to enhance a scene with text. The tool does not require an account. Users can easily upload photos and create effective images. Once they are designed, users can download the images in several sizes or share them through social media.

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PhotoFunia Apps

PhotoFunia is mobile-ready as well, and they offer apps in many formats including iOS, Android, Windows, and more!

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Example Photos Created in PhotoFunia


Howdy Pal


Resources to Get You Started

Teachers First Review

PhotoFunia English Lessons

Create Writing Prompts

PhotoFunia Basics Tutorial

Edutech4Teachers Review

 for Teachers Review

Ways to Use Photofunia in Your Classroom

  1. Edit photos for class websites and blogs.
  2. Have students edit photos for presentations and publications.
  3. Have students create personalized avatars for web environments.
  4. Teach tone and mood in terms of visual literacy by having students experiment with changing the tone and mood of photos.
  5. Have students tell a story in photos that were edited in PhotoFunia.
  6. Discuss the power of the media to revise history through image manipulation and have students manipulate images to change their meaning.
  7. Create motivational or content posters with PhotoFunia.
  8. Create story and in-class writing prompts using PhotoFunia.
  9. Have students create vocabulary flash cards using PhotoFunia.
  10. Have students participate in a weekly photo challenge using PhotoFunia.
  11. Create seasonal photos for bulletin boards and calendars using PhotoFunia.
  12. Have students create photos for a fictional story that they write about themselves.

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