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Tools to Unleash Creativity: PowToon



PowToon is a web tool for creating online animated videos that can be shared through social media, exported to YouTube, or shared online directly on the PowToon or indirectly through an embed code. This powerful digital storytelling tool can be used to create all kinds of classroom products, from content pieces to expressive art. The interface is intuitive and the tool kit is expansive. Projects can include text, animations, audio and much more. Best of all, PowToon is very education-friendly.

Click Here To Go To The PowToon Site

Example of a video created with PowToon


Resources to Get You Started

Teachers 1st Review

How To PowToon

PowToon Resources

PowToon in the Classroom

PowToon Video Tutorials

PowToon Quick Reference


Ways to Use PowToon in Your Classroom

  1. Have students tell a story with PowToon.
  2. Have students introduce themselves with PowToon.
  3. Have students demonstrate a process with PowToon.
  4. Create a commercial for your class with PowToon.
  5. Have students create a persuasive video such as a PSA with PowToon.
  6. Teach a concept with PowToon.
  7. Have students create a motivational video.
  8. Create a promotional video or video invitation with PowToon.
  9. Have students participate in a video challenge around a classroom theme or lesson.
  10. Create a video that highlights your classroom expectations in a memorable way.

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