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Tools to Unleash Creativity: ThingLink



ThingLink is a tool for creating interactive online images. Anything that lives on the Internet can be attached to a ThingLink photo and shared with the world. ThingLink images enable users to create rich, photo canvases that bring images to life through related content. Students and teachers can use ThingLink to organize web content and make it engaging at deep levels.

Click Here To Go To The ThingLink Site

ThingLink Mobile Apps

ThingLink iOS App

ThingLink Android App

ThingLink Screencast Demo


ThingLink EDU Demo

Example of an image created with ThingLink



Resources to Get You Started

ICATS ThingLink Challenge – (Website is no longer available)

Free Tech for Teachers Post

ThingLink and Learn

Thinglink Toolkit

ThingLink for Education

The ThingLink Blog

Ways to Use ThingLink in Your Classroom

  1. Have students illustrate research about a local landmark on a picture of that landmark and then link to those thinglinks inside a thinglink map of your community.
  2. Have students illustrate the events of a story on a thinglink map in conjunction with Google Earth images (which could also be thinglinks).
  3. Have students create autobiographical thinglinks using photos of themselves that they have created with BeFunky.
  4. Have students define a word or concept by linking to examples on the web.
  5. Have students create a call-to-action persuasive thinglink that links to evidence for the student’s claim.
  6. Have students demonstrate a process by using a multi-panel image.
  7. Have students create character analyses of major characters or historical figures.
  8. Have students sell a product by creating an interactive image for that product.
  9. Have students explain artistic technique and design concepts through a thinglink of a famous work of art.
  10. Have students create a thinglink that will be the focus of a Show and Tell activity.

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Jo Burns January 15, 2016 at 9:18 am

This has lots of possibilities. I like how you can easily set up links between photos, videos and other media.


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