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Tools to Unleash Creativity: Piktochart




Piktochart is a web tool for creating infographics. It offers some great templates, lots of pre-made resources, the ability to add videos, charts, and maps, and the ability to upload content. Every part of a Piktochart can be edited. Sharing your infographic is free and easy.

Click Here To Go To The Piktochart Site

Example Piktochart Infographic


Resources to Get You Started

Pizzazz with Piktochart

7 Piktochart Video Tutorials

Piktochart In Education

Infographics in Education

Ways to Use Piktochart in Your Classroom

  1. Create infographics to represent research done for research projects.
  2. Create a class syllabus or project assignment in infographic form.
  3. Have students create infographics to introduce themselves.
  4. Create an infographic to share with parents that shows class progress.
  5. Create an infographic to advertise an event, club, or your school.
  6. Create an infographic that tell the story of a significant time, place, event or person.
  7. Create an infographic that teaches a process or concept.
  8. Create a motivational infographic.
  9. Create an infographic that answers the question, “Why do we need to know this?”.
  10. Create a character study or plot analysis using an infographic.

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