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Which email address do I use for my EVSC Google Account?

It can be confusing trying to remember which email address or username to use when logging in to your EVSC Google account. To help clear up the confusion, I will define the differences between the two EVSC email addresses staff had available and give tips on how to remember which account is which.

EVSC Email Addresses Defined

Pictured is Microsoft Outlook for Apple Computers.
Pictured is Microsoft Outlook for Apple Computers.

@evsc.k12.in.us – Microsoft Outlook (old system)

This email address will no longer be used by EVSC staff and teachers after January 17, 2017. However, if someone sends you an email using this address, it will be forwarded to your EVSC Google account.


@evsck12.com – EVSC Google

Google G Suite Apps
Google G Suite Apps

This email address is given to ALL EVSC students, staff, and teachers.  Yes, even the little Kindergarten kiddos have Google Accounts!  :)

This email address has been created for you and is managed through our EVSC Student and Staff directory system in connection with the Google Apps for Education portal which gives our accounts more storage space and other additional features that public Google accounts are not offered.  Our Google Apps for Education system is setup like a community:  any EVSC student, staff, or teacher can easily communicate and collaborate with another EVSC Google user simply by typing the person’s name in the “To:” box in an email or when sharing a Google Doc.  It’s that easy!

Using any web browser, you can log in to any of the popular Google Apps websites like Google+ – (Website is no longer available), SearchGmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites, Groups, ContactsMaps, YouTube, and so on using your username with the @evsck12.com email extension.

To log in to Google, use [email protected] as your username.  You must log in using your full email address.  The password is the same as your other email password.

There is not a default Google Mail software program like Microsoft Outlook installed on EVSC computers.  Your favorite web browser is that program.  We recommend using Google Chrome.

Google Chrome + Google Websites = Happy Google User!

Chrome stays up-to-date without bugging you to install updates and you always know it’s going to work with Google since they make it!  Plus, you can log in to the Chrome browser and it will keep you logged in to your favorite Google websites so you arely ever have to type in your login info again.

Any tips to help me remember which email is which?

I tend to think about these email addresses like this:

  • The evsc.k12.in.us has a K-12 educational email extension.  Only K-12 institutions can apply for and use this address.  
  • The evsck12.com has a commercial email extension.  Google is a commercial institution.  Therefore, .com = Google

Why isn’t the address evsc.k12.in.com or something else?

When we had the chance to create the Google email address, we felt it best to keep it simple AND short.  That’s why we chose evsck12.com!

Any other Google account questions?

Please post any questions or comments below and we’ll answer them as part of this post.

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Janet Flikke January 23, 2014 at 6:35 am

Thank you for the great article explaining the differences and important qualities of both of these email accounts. Can these two emails be imported or connected to each other? If so, what steps do I need to take to connect them?-Janet

Jerrad Gleim January 23, 2014 at 7:47 am

Great question Janet. We have a post that can walk you through the steps on setting up forwarding your EVSC Gmail to your Outlook email. https://evscicats.com/blog/how-to-forward-evsc-gmail-to-exchange-email/ When you reply to student emails, we recommend you do it within the Gmail interface. If you reply in Outlook, you will receive a bounce-back email saying the account doesn’t exist, but rest assured the student will receive the email.


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