Congratulations to those who have kept up with the challenge!  We are excited about all of the conversation that has been happening around the digital resources and tools that have made their way into the challenge through both the posts and the comments!

For those of you not up to speed on the challenge, Don’t Worry!  You have until midnight December 15 to complete all your required comments.   For our official rules check out the warm-up post to the challenge.  The Chromebook has also arrived for our in district prize winner and it wants to meet you!



Remember that all participants who complete the challenge will receive a certificate for 10 hours of PGP hours and are entered into the in-district or out of district drawings.  Prizes range from a new chromebook to IndianaGoogle Summit registration to eRevolution registration and hotel accommodations!  Again, please refer to the warm-up post to the challenge for prize drawing information.

Thanks again and Keep it going!


  1. LOVE all the posts, replies, and tools that have been offered. I LOVE being part of this challenge. I really enjoy that I can simply click on the box that will notify me of new posts and follow-up comments. I don’t know if this is a new feature or one that I just missed in the past but I LOVE it!! Thanks for all the hard work in finding all the great new tools for us.

    • We have comment sections available on all of our posts on the ICATS website. The comments feature has gone through some enhancements over the weeks of the #30DC13 and keeps getting better as WordPress keeps adding new features.

      We appreciate everyone sharing their ideas and experiences with the tools we post. Teachers in the EVSC and in other school corporations who visit our site benefit from these conversations because those of you who comment give our readers first hand insight into why a particular digital tool is a good one to use for creation and learning in the classroom. You also let us know why a tool is just another silly toy with no educational value. You add value when you tell us about another tool out there that can be added to a list of tools on a post.

      We applaud your participation and hope to see your comments continue long after the #30DC13 is over. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. It has been so awesome to be a part of this challenge. Definitely rewarding daily. I look forward to the time I get to research what you have given us, and was sad that I fell behind. But now caught up, more tools in my sleeve, and Im excited for the next 10 days!!!

  3. I have to say that I have used many of the programs you guys have posted on here. I feel that they are going to change the way I present information and how to manage my class. Thank you!

  4. I have learned so much so far! I am using many of the tools shared in the challenge and have even been asked to submit an article to a blog for one of the websites. Embracing technology is an amazing feeling as a 21st century educator. Thank you for all the tremendous resources!

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