Today’s post is on audio recording tools.  Many teachers are searching for a free web-based solution.  Vocaroo is an online recording sight that is FREE and EASY to use.  No registration is necessary, just select the record button to begin.

Vocaroo click to record

A pop-up will appear that requests access to your computer’s microphone.  You will select ALLOW and the recording will start.

vocaroo allow

When you are finished, you can listen to decide whether you want to re-record or save the file.  There isn’t a maximum recording length on Vocaroo.  Voice recordings can be saved online or you have the ability to download them as MP3 or WAV files.  An embed code is provided so you can embed in a blog or other website.  You can also share your recording to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media with a click of a button.

One unique feature of Vocaroo is the ability to generate a QR Code for the audio recording.  Because recording audio files on this site is flash based, you will not be able to use an iPad or iPhone to record.  You can, however, use an iPad and iPhone to scan the QR code and listen to the recording.

Vocaroo sharing

I can imagine many uses of the QR Code generator in a classroom.

  • Book review:  Students record a review of the book.  Attach the QR code to the inside cover of the book
  • Art:  Students record the inspiration for their piece
  • World Language Classrooms: Give students instructions in another language
  • Directions at a learning station
  • Record student’s oral reading to share with their parents
  • Record a welcome to new students

Another online audio program is AudioBoom.

audio boom You will need to create an account on the audioBoo site.  Once signed in, select recordnew recording; start recording.  The maximum recording length is three minutes.  You will give your recording a title, description, and category.  The audio recording is published to the audioBoo site.  Files can be quickly shared via Linked in, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email.  The site also provides RSS, iTunes podcast integration and can generate a QR code for the recording.

Your challenge  

I challenge you to create a Vocaroo recording stating your name, what subjects you teach, and your school location.  Please include the URL of your recording in your reply to this post. I also challenge you to create another Vocaroo recording and generate a QR code for the file.  You do not need to reply with that QR code, but state a way you could incorporate an audio QR Code in your curriculum. Vocaroo Voice Recorder


  1. I like the idea of using vocaroo as keeping a log of verbal behavior contracts. I also think it would be a neat idea to use it as a tool for students to record a book review, biographies, etc. for research projects! It would be completely interactive!

  2. I have not been able to create a recording. It was not supported on the ipad. Our tech person gave me a microphone to try on my desk top computer and it did not record anything. I will try again at home tonight on my personal computer.
    If this could work at school, it would be nice to have students to use this to record presentations, book reviews, fluency type recordings for reading or oral tests.
    I like that you can attach a QR code so students can access the recording possibly from MBC or other sources.
    How are others accessing or able to record at your schools?

    • I believe most are using a laptop or desktop computer. The site is not specific to one type of computer (mac/PC) so I’m not sure what is going on for you,.. But we do believe in effort! Thanks for giving it a sporting chance!

  3. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0WI8hTy698s

    This site has many possibilities (especially when coupled with a QR reader). The more interactive a lesson, the greater the student engagement. Using the Vocaroo and QR reader could be used for telling students directions during activities such as Daily 5, where students work in groups independently. Having directions set up through the QR reader, students can listen to the directions multiple times if they forget what the teacher had originally instructed them to do.

  4. Okay.

    I have tried several times in order to get this thing to record. Ive even tried other websites to record my voice. Ive also tried it on several different computers.

    So, I hope you will let me settle with an explanation as to how this can be useful in a math classroom. Many students need help and explanation during a problem. WHat i could do with this is take 4 or 5 homework problems assigned and put in a qr code that could explain them to the students. This way they could have guided help at home with no more effort on their part other than scanning a QR code.

    If I ever get this thing figured out Ill be sure to post my voice on here. But until then I hope this will do!

    • The great thing about Vocaroo is that you are not limited to the length of the recording…perfect place to practice your broadcasts.

  5. I just love the 30 day challenge. I get so many ideas in my head. I just used QR codes in my classroom to have the kids read a definition then write down what type of genre it was. After they got done, they scanned the QR code to see if they were correct. How much more fun would it be if they heard a recording through this neat program. I am once again excited to try this out in my classroom. My kids love the QR codes and if I can get them excited about learning, then I am doing my job as a teacher.

  6. Hi. I could not do vocaroo on my iPad. I did make a recording on audioboo. I plan to use this for explanations of mathematics. But am open to all suggestions.

    • Vocaroo is flash based. iPads are not able to run flash. We’d love to hear your audioboo, please share the link.

  7. I wasn’t able to make a Vocaroo. It kept telling me that I needed to configure my microphone that nothing was recorded. I adjusted the microphone and settings but still couldn’t get it to work :(
    I was able to create an Audio Boo and here is the link:

    I think if the Vocaroo would work for me it could be great for my students that need to record notes in class instead of using a scribe :)

    • When you select record in Vocaroo, a pop up will appear that says, “Adobe Flash Player Settings Camera and Microphone Access” You will need to select “allow” for the program to access your mic. Check to make sure pop ups are allowed in the browser you are using.

  8. With a little help from the IT department, I was finally able to create my Vocroo challenge. I love how simple this app is to you. I love the idea of creating short book chats for the library using the QR codes…or maybe using them for a more interactive science fair!

  9. Like others have mentioned, in science I would like to use the QR code generator for lab station directions. I have used video before, but the kids would have to either go through the stations sequentially or fast forward/rewind to find the spot for the station they are work on. With the QR code, they could get directions simply by zapping the QR code!! Awesome use of tech they have in their pockets!


  10. http://vocaroo.com/qrcode/Vocaroo_QR_Code_s0Z7U9A7Pcha.png

    Here are the links to my recording. I was unable to do this on my laptop with a headset microphone for some reason (worked fine on a desktop). I thought it was funny when going through the “Help” section to read the disclaimer that said – not responsible for computer explosions :)

    My only concern with any technology use is that it requires it being done in class for the most part since we have some students who do not have computers or possibly special equipment, i.e., a microphone, at home.

    • Sue, you may need to go into your sound properties(mac) or sound/manage audio devices(windows) to make sure the input microphone you are using is enabled.

      • Your Vocaroo recording has many suggestions for incorporating this tool in curriculum. I think foreign language teachers would like your idea of having students record a passage and then the teacher could listen at their convenience to check for proper pronunciation.

  11. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0d0xcBixoCw ….One idea that comes to mind with Voacaroo and QR codes would be sending messages not only for students, but athletes. It can be time consuming calling and sending out 20-30 messages, but if a QR was sent out on twitter(with the message) it would save time from calling each individual person. Trying out it out this week.

    • Brian, Be sure to look at Day 8 in the challenge. It is on text communications. Remind101 is a tool you may find more convenient to use for your student athletes.

  12. I already use vocaroo for those students who do not have their own device to record on. I have been very pleased with how easy it is to use. I did not realize there was the QR code feature. I think that is an awesome feature for either passing on student work to the parents or for assigning directions in Spanish. Thanks for sharing!

    Kelley Bland
    Spanish teacher


  13. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0wq6lLZgfwS
    I love the simplicity of it!!! Super Cool!
    I think it would be nice to use for a message to the kids when you have to have a sub. Have the sub play your message. It would be different, and allow the kids to hear from you on a day you aren’t in the classroom!
    I like the idea of a qr code, bc you could differentiate your messages by topic, in a small group setting, the students use ipads and scan the appropriate code to get the work you have differentiated for them. So excited about this challenge, love learning new techie things :)

  14. Just letting everyone know that if you left a comment on this post tonight and you don’t see it listed yet, Dee will be replying to it as soon as she can. She had to go out of town briefly this evening and I’m sure at the moment she is back on the road headed for home.

    Have a great night everyone and keep the comments coming!

    • Yes, IEP integration would be a useful application of this digital tool. Glad to have you participating in the challenge.

  15. Here’s my Vocaroo!


    This is a great tool I had never heard of. It’s so easy. Being a world language teacher, there is lots of benefit to being able to record, save and share quickly and easily. This could be used in speaking homework, in voice comments to student work and in conjunction with other projects and assignments.

    • Yes, this tool is SO easy. I love the fact that I didn’t need to sign up on the site to use it. It takes less than a minute to start a recording; save it; and get a URL or QR code for the recording. Glad you are participating in the challenge.

  16. This was an incredibly easy way to record voice instructions and great for learning centers, students who need directions read to them, or even for students to record the steps they took to solve a math problem. I particularly love the fact that you can link it to a QR code for easy navigation for students. Here’s my link:

  17. I don’t have a microphone available at the moment, but I will have to dig an old one out to give this a try this weekend. I could see using this for directions for a project or possibly for a display to explain how it works or what to do.

    • I agree, this tool may help a student who is shy and not comfortable speaking in front of the class. Giving them the option of recording their voice to demonstrate mastery of a skill or concept is a nice twist.

    • I shouldn’t try and type and talk to someone at the same time!. :) Sorry for the typo. It should have read I have included in my Vocaroo how I would use the QR code part.

  18. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0iSjij9xtkt

    I would like to use the QR code for stations. I am currently doing stations right now and I think my verbal instructions would have been better than my written instructions.

    Also, I think Vocaroo would be perfect for my literary genre project. I am having the students read different books for each genre. After they finish reading the book, they have to tell me about it. I think that this would be a great way to tell me about it and then I could listen to them at my own pace.

  19. I have tried to make a recording on my computer, but have not been able to get it to work. I will add one when I can use the microphone. I think this would be a great tool to use for a science fair or invention convention. Students could record information, such as why they chose that particular project, and make a QR code for people to listen to as they are looking at their projects.

    • You could create something like that with Aurasma. Kids don’t scan a QR code, but they do scan a “trigger” image which in turn causes a video to start to play. Save the “auras” in channel, have students or parents “follow” the channel, and they can watch any videos that you’ve created.

  20. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1abNjUiKbpO

    I believe my teachers will adopt Vocaroo as it is very simple to use. Personally, I would have used the QR in a learning scavanger hunt, a webquest led by my voice or even in stations. I also envision students explaining their art work for an art fair using this. If we post the QR code by the their work, parents can use their device to gain the student recorded explanation! How cool!

  21. This is awesome.. I love that I can make a QR code. This will be great for stations. If the teacher could just recored the directions for a station and when the students get they they scan the QR code for the instructions. I am so excited to use this and teach others about it.


  22. I just made a very short recording using the AudioBoo2 iPad app. My concern with the app is it asked about being at least 17. If age is a requirement, I think teachers could still use it as a teaching/sharing tool with colleagues. If I am missing something here, please let me know.

    I really like the recording categories..very nice when looking for a particular topic in class.

    • Audioboo states in their user agreement that the service is available only for people aged 13 or older. Audioboo will forego the age registriction for those under 13 who are using the Service as part of a school-led initiative.

    • Be sure to post your Vocaroo URL of your recording in your reply. I’m looking forward to hearing what subjects you teach. How do you foresee a use of an audio QR code in your classroom?

      • Peter, I don’t think that Volcaroo will be an option for your fundraiser for the yearbook. I looked on the Vocaroo site to see how long they keep files. Their help page states: …
        Vocaroo does not provide permanent storage; there are simply too many messages recorded for this to be possible. There is not a definite age at which messages are deleted, however it is likely messages will expire after a few months. If a message is important you should download and save it to your own computer as soon as possible to avoid losing it.

        • I appreciate you telling me that. I’ll have to find a more permanent (and free) solution. I’ll check out Audio Boo to see what theirs says. Thanks again.

  23. Awesome! I’m really excited to see the QR function on Vocaroo. I could imagine a lot of applications for this. For example, if a student needs instructions read to them, a teacher could include a QR code on the assignment that the student could scan as needed. That is very cool.

    Here is a link to the ICATS Broadcasting Tools page as well for those who are looking to explore other tools for capturing and sharing audio: https://evscicats.com/blog/web-tools-for-teachers-broadcasting/

    If you want to go even deeper, here is a link to the ICATS Audio Editing Tools page: https://evscicats.com/blog/web-tools-for-teachers-audio-editing/

    • I like the idea of using a QR code for instructions. A student could follow along the written directions as the audio recording is played.

    • Using QR codes to break down specific concepts within a unit would be beneficial to students. Thanks for the great idea.

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