The first post of the ICATS 2013 30-Day Challenge is about managing your avatar on the web with Gravatar.  An avatar is an image that you upload to your user profile on a website or blog.  Do you have a square shaped picture of yourself that you keep handy to upload when you get on a website that has you setup a user profile?  If you do, this post will certainly change your online life!

Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?

Unbeknownst to our students, we teachers lead two very separate lives on the web – one professional and the other personal.  On social media websites and blogs, teachers many times have two different accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google,… and so on.  It’s difficult managing all these websites and it can be just as confusing trying to make sure you don’t post using the wrong account.  The avatar image that is visible on your user account can help you remember which account you are posting with, but if you use many different profile images all the time, this can create confusion.

Luckily, there is a tool that can help manage your avatar using one website that can be linked to your website/blog and your social media accounts.  This tool is called Gravatar – the Globally Recognized Avatar.

Watch the video below to learn about

Your Challenge

1. Go to and create an account or login if you already have an account.
EVSC Employees Use your Outlook email address so it will automatically connect to your EVSC account on our website.

2. Upload an image to your Gravatar account that represents you professionally.

3. Click on My Profile on the menu bar and complete your Gravatar profile.  Link any websites or social networks you want connected to your Gravatar via the Verified Services section.

4. Save your Gravatar Profile when finished.

5. In the Comments section below, introduce yourself to the readers of our website.  Be sure to include your name, where you work or teach, and describe how you have managed your avatars in the past.

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How to Comment

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  1. I’m getting a late start, but hope to catch up quickly. I just signed up for Gravatar and I am interested to see how this works with various sites. I also intend to show it to my Global Networking class which is heavily media based. Not only will this be a good resource for them, but it will also lend itself to an important discussion about online professional and personal profiles. Thank you for taking time to set this up. I’m looking forward to seeing what is next.

  2. Hi! I’m Shelley. I teach 2nd grade at Scott Elementary in Evansville. In the past I’ve never “managed” my gravatars. I usually wing it and scramble to find a picture and if I don’t have one that I can quickly locate, I skip adding one. Using this service will eliminate my frustration. I now have a gravatar for each of my accounts. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just created an account on Gravatar. Super simple. I didn’t connect it to my personal online life yet, just work. I think I’ll see how it works out first before moving forward.

  4. Exciting stuff. I have my very own Gravatar. I teach 6th grade math and science in California. We are redesigns tend Schools to watch. A nationally recognized Model school. That being said, you would think we would have great technology. I am typing this at home on my personal iPad. My 3 year old granddaughter is a whiz on this. Lol

  5. Hi! I am Karen Dishman and provided occupational therapy to students in the EVSC. I have not managed any avatars before.

  6. Hi! I am going to try to keep up with the 30 day challenge. I am a physical therapist in the corporation and I visit several schools. Before Gravatar, I entered my information each time. I am looking forward to trying this out! Thanks

  7. I teach 5-8th grade Language Arts at St. Theresa School in Evansville. I am excited about integrating more technology into my classroom, and I appreciate opportunities like this one to learn at my own pace. I hope this Gravatar is my first big step.

  8. I am the Principal at Mitchell Junior High School in Mitchell, IN. I used the Gravatar Tool for the first time today. I look forward to exploring it more in the near future. I’m excited to join this 30 day challenge. My assistant invited our entire staff to take part and I can’t wait to see what can be learned!

    • Welcome Jennifer and your staff at Mitchell Junior High School to the EVSC ICATS 30 Day Challenge! We hope you find many great teaching and learning tools during the challenge and want to encourage you and your staff to explore our website as we have many other resources available for 21st century learning.

  9. I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself! Jolie DeVries, vocal music at Tekoppel Elementary. I teach elementary music with as much technology as one little music room can handle! I am a member of the EVSC Code, and I find most helpful the activinspire flipcharts for planning out my lessons and embedding music files and video. I’ve also used many of the web applications in the past two year’s challenges that have really helped me in the classroom.

  10. It worked! This is very cool! I think that teachers could really use this to organize their on-line life. It’s difficult enough to remember passwords or which app is which, and having your avatar already uploaded is a nice treat! Thanks!

  11. This is a really good tool for teachers to have. I am definitely G rated in all aspects of my life, but I do sometimes wish my professional and private lives had their own identities. I am going to scan in my school picture that I have taken every year and can’t find many uses for! This is a very cool tool!

  12. I teach special education for grades 6-8 at Holy Spirit School. I tried out the gravatar tool today and think kids would love it. I can’t wait to see other responses of ideas for,possible uses.

    • Welcome bcoomes – What’s your name? Just press the reply link below my comment to let us know.

      Be sure to look through all the comments on this post for great ideas on integrating this awesome tool. There are over 100 responses so far so I’m sure you’re bound to find something! Enjoy the 30 Day Challenge!

  13. Hi, I’m Matt Miller and I teach Spanish at Turkey Run High School in Marshall, IN. I also blog at In the past, my management of avatars really hasn’t existed. I have a million different accounts on a million websites. The photo I have handy is usually the one I use, so it’s different across the board. Sticking to Gravatar sounds like a good idea because this way I’m consistent everywhere. Glad to be part of this conversation and challenge!

  14. Karen Long, Library Media Specialst at West Vigo Elem. in W. Terre Haute, Vigo County School Corp. Have never worked with avatars, so never managed any. This is all new to me, don’t know if I have done it correctly.

  15. Hi I’m Shannon Wright, I teach 5th Grade Science & Social Studies at Scottsburg Elementary School in Scottsburg, IN. This is my first experience with Gravitar, but it looks very useful. :) I haven’t worried much about managing my avatars in the past because I usually use very simple ones, but I can see the need for professionals to do so.

  16. Hi, I’m Brian Wassmer. I teach social studies at Reitz High School. I have not really managed my avatars. Working through this process, I have realized the need to separate personal and professional accounts. For example, I am in the process of dividing over my twitter account. I’m eager and excited about the new 30 day challenge.

  17. My name is Kelley Bland. I am the Spanish teacher at Evansville Christian School. This is the first I have heard of Gravatar. I have created my avatar and have connected it to my linkedin account. This is a great way to maintain conformity!

  18. Hello, I’m Peter Barringer. I graduated from UE last year and I’m teaching English and journalism at Bosse. I really like this website. Especially when I was student teaching last fall and didn’t have EVSC accounts, I had a hard time separating my private social media from my public ones. I see this helping me keep them separate. I plan to use it on the sports blogs I comment on, and also the blogs I write for school.

    • That’s great Peter! I like reading and posting comments on sports blogs/websites too. You can certainly relate to people better when you can see their face or mascot. Commenting is more personal this way.

  19. It took me awhile and lots of help to get going on this, but I’m finally getting it. I teach 7th grade science (for 25 years) and I’m excited to learn many more new things.

  20. Hi, I’m Cheryl Burden the library media specialist at Crawford County Jr/Sr High School. I haven’t used avatars before. I am working to connect to social media such a Twitter so hopefully Gravatar and this challenge will help me with those things. I used a picture from about five years ago, you don’t have to age when you’re using the Internet, right?

  21. My name is Andy Knueven and I work at Zionville West Middle School. I have different pictures for different avatars based on if it’s for Twitter, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, and now using Gravatar. Tweeting about the sports I coach – I use a more sport related picture. YouTube is my digital classroom of some videos I’ve made explaining some concepts so it’s of a part of my classroom. Gravatar will be nice to have a constant that I use in Pinterest too. Gravatar will be beneficial as more sites add the plugin.

  22. I have not ventured out of the box per say. This will be a challenge for me, but I am going to try it this year. It took me a while to get to this page, but I did create my first Gravatar all on my own. I teach everyday to keep trying and this is what I’m going to to do with this 30 day challenge. I may need help now and then, but that is what learning is all about. I’m ready for my journey into the world of blogs, unknown websites, and free apps. Here I go…

    • Sherri… Great to “see” you! I must ask it that is your artwork? Welcome aboard and if you have questions or get stuck just send us an email or comment right here on the blog.

  23. 30 days…here we go. I’m MIke Allen, principal at Evansville Christian School, and I’ve generally managed my avatars piecemeal.

  24. Hey everyone! I’m JT Cox, an eLearning Coach from Greater Clark County Schools. Looking forward to the next 30 days with you guys. Great idea to not have to upload pics to new sites.

    • JT,
      Greetings… I trust you guys are doing Great in Clark County! Glad to see all your fellow coaches along for the challenge as well! Thanks for coming and enjoy the ride.

  25. Hello! My name is Craig Stewart. I am Tech Support for Plaza Park International Prep Academy and Dexter Elementary. Gravatar is a nice tool. Looking forward to the 30 day challenge!

  26. Hello! My name is Wanda Schwartze and I am a Special Education Teacher from Boonville Middle School (WCSC).

    I have never really managed my avatars before. I create profile pics for different things but I don’t change them very often. It is too time consuming, but Gravatar may be a great time saver!

  27. I have never given any thought to creating an avatar; thinking it was a comic thing. I like that I got to pick something that is not comic related. School wise- I think kids would be served well in doing this with their school account (or if you don’t have a school account, a more professional sounding account) and personal accounts. It drives me crazy at times to get email from “not very nice sounding” emails just because they forgot or don’t want to log off their personal account.

    • Forgot to introduce me- Leah Simon (as you can see from the classic Simon Says game avatar). Math Teacher of 15 years at Harrison in Evansville.

      • Welcome Leah! I agree with not liking the hellokitty email addresses that can come across our inboxes sometimes. Students need to learn that their digital footprint can follow them for a long time and the choices they make digitally today can affect their lives in the future.

    • We have had a couple users mention that today over email. A couple things you can try: 1. Try the Firefox web browser – if you need to download, go to 2. Try closing your browser and reopen it and go to before coming to the ICATS website or any other social networking website. Report back if neither of these works.

  28. Hi, I am Sharon Feller and I am the tech coordinator at Corpus Christi School in Evansville. Today was my first day in using Gravatar. It was easy to setup. I am looking forward to the next 30 days of challenges!

  29. So excited for the 30 day challenge! It seemed like forever before it would get here! Where else can you find such great ideas for FREE in such a short amount of time. I love the collaborations that happen and love reading all the posts and comments. I am Melissa Mayer. I was the year one winner of the Ipad in the 30 day challenge. I still LOVE using the Ipad with the students. I have been teaching in EVSC at Vogel Elementary going on
    20 years. I was 13 years special education, 4 years first grade, 2 years fourth grade and now I am the keyboarding/technology teacher. This is our first year having this class and I am so excited to be teaching it and even more excited to get ideas from the challenge to use with the students. I teach K-6th graders and they come to me for 40 minutes as a specials class. We have over 650 students at Vogel. I am also the technology coordinator for our building. I hate having my picture taken or even using my picture. So I love the idea of using Avatars. There are several programs that our students use that allow them to create Avatars and we have to limit the time given to create them. Many shy students are able to come out of their shells and express themselves with Avatars. I have recently created and started using blogs, Twitter, various websites, and respond to a variety of posts. I like the idea of having a one stop shopping spot for my Avatars to be housed. Finding “myself” on my posts will be so much faster and easier to remember my personal from my professional. Looking forward to this year’s challenge.

  30. I’m Miranda Owen and I teach 7th grade Language Arts at Eastern Greene Middle School. I have been teaching for the last 9 years and I use technology more and more each year. Last year, my classroom was turned into a computer lab, so using technology for Language Arts has become extremely easy. I have never used an avatar, so I’m interested to see the possibilities that will open new worlds for my students.

    I’m also extremely excited to complete the 30 Day Challenge, in hopes of learning new things that I can teach my students.

  31. Hello, I’m Peter Barringer. I graduated from UE in 2012, and now I teach English and journalism at Bosse.

    This tool is awesome! I usually use my Facebook account to link to profiles, but I don’t like linking my private social media to blogs and other sites. I’ll use this to separate my personal and professional life online.

  32. Hey, this is Chris Combs and I teach at HPSA. In the past I have used different images for my school avatars and one for my personal sites. I have noticed that as I find better images of our mascot, I want to go back and change all of my avatars to match. I am hoping that this will solve that. I think I followed all of the steps and I am just waiting for the systems to link together.

  33. Hello! I just created my first avatar on this iPad. I’m having trouble orienting the photo in the correct position. Can this be accomplished on an iPad?

    I teach Biology I at South Spencer High School, and am looking forward to being a part of this group!

    • Welcome Alicia! I see there’s a couple apps on the iTunes App Store, but it doesn’t appear they are made by Gravatar so I can’t recommend them. What you may try is the two finger pinch approach but using both hands. Keep one finger still and move the other kind of like when you do the zoom in and out pinch. Remember, keep one of the fingers still. See if that works.

  34. Good evening! Thank you for the 30 Day Challenge. I look forward to growing as an educator by learning about some of these great tools. My name is Elizabeth Flatt, and I am the principal of St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Newburgh, IN. I previously had no experience with an avatar and this was very easy! Excited to learn more!

  35. Hello, Angela Conner from Mater Dei High school here. I made my Gravatar avatar in less than 2 minutes. I haven’t linked in to any of my social networking accounts yet but I have a twitter account that I use only my Spanish classes so change that avatar to the Gravatar. (That sounds so Suessical!)

  36. I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Social Studies and Science at Princeton Commmunity Middle School. I have been using Gravatar for a couple of years now. It is great to help keep avatars the same across multiple sites.

    • Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge JD! I notice that your avatar is not working. If you used Twitter to post your comment, please check your Gravatar settings to make sure your Twitter account is connected.

  37. Brian Hartman in science at Reitz. I think Graviatar is a great idea. I have always left the picture blank because I did not take the time to upload or fill in the profile info. I guess I am too lazy. I too have personal and professional accounts and this is a great way to help keep them organized. This tool makes that a lot easier and streamlined! Great way to kick off the challenge!

  38. My name is Maria Sellers and I currently teach at South Vermillion Community Schools in Clinton, In.

    I have had a Gravatar account for a year now and love it! Makes life easier. Prior to that I had a folder on my computer that contained pictures. As I signed up for sites, I added the appropriate picture.

  39. Looking forward to seeing if Gravatar will help to streamline my online presence. It was easy to sign up and complete the information needed. I teach 3rd grade in Evansville and am hoping to learn more new things through this challenge.

  40. My name is Melinda Poole. I am the music and art teacher at Fairlawn school. I just signed up for Gravatar, and am excited about the time saver that it could potentially be. I usually go to a previously uploaded picture and save it on my phone. then email it to my self, and then upload from there. It is time consuming and I am looking forward to linking Gravatar with the services now. It will also be nice to streamline all the accounts. I also ran into so many blocked sites, I will be adding more at home.

  41. Hi! My name is Natalie Mosier. I am a seventh grade Business Information Technology teacher. (Although, my newly created avatar can now tell you that!) I work at South Dearborn Middle School in Aurora, IN. I previously have not set up separate accounts for things like Twitter or Facebook, so I have not had to worry about using the correct account.
    However, I DISLIKE entering my information over and over again! This is truly a time saver!

    • Welcome Natalie! Hope you enjoy the challenge and glad that you’ve made it to our website from across the state! Though my profile doesn’t mention it I graduated from Batesville High School in your neck of the woods.

      • That’s wonderful! I’ve made several friends from Batesville through a PBL academy I attended. It’s a very progressive school! In fact, our new principal came from Batesville as well.

  42. I am Aimee Johnson and I teach 6th Grade Science at Castle South Middle School. I have never managed my avatars before, so it will be nice to have things connected. Many of the sites are blocked at my school, so I will have to use this from home.

  43. Hello. My name is Heather Coy, and I teach a variety of English and public speaking classes to freshmen and juniors in the Shepard Academy for Law and Social Justice. I have not used an avatar in the past, but I can see how it will be helpful for creating a professional online presence.

  44. Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself before (obviously, I skim read). I teach technology to grades 1-4. I’ve been a teacher for about 5 years and can’t imagine a more stressful but rewarding profession.

  45. Hello Everyone! I’m Kay–Tech Director–at Evansville Christian School. I’m new with avatars, but I already can tell this is much better than trying to remember where I stored that profile picture I want to use! Love trying new things with technology!

  46. The only experience using avatars I’ve had prior to this was on my Twitter account and it took me so long to figure out how to change the banner as opposed to the avatar that it’s probably going to become a permanent one! I’m hoping that this program alleviates some of that frustration.

  47. Hi, I’m James Kimbell. I teach English at Jeffersonville High School in Indiana. I have no particular organization for my past and present avatars, just taking a selfie or reusing an old one when I need a profile pic somewhere. Let’s see if Gravatar is less trouble than that.

  48. Hello. My name is Tammy Staser. I am the Title I Coordinator/Parent Liaison at Scott District 2 for Vienna-Finley Elementary. I am looking forward to learning a lot of new stuff this week from my peers. I knew what an Avatar was, but the term Gravatar is new to me. I am still trying to figure out how to link the picture to my Twitter account. I will keep working on this. I’ve often thought of how nice it would be on picture day if the picture company would send you a copy of your school picture via email so that you could upload it easily for professional use. Wouldn’t that be great?

  49. Hello- My name is Emma Sinclair and I teach 5th grade at Oak Hill. In the past, I have tried using different photos to keep work and play social media separate. Gravatar is really helpful in providing, essentially, a one stop shop to representing yourself online. This is a new resource to me, and I think its great! It’s absolutely worth the time to discover.

  50. Hello, I am Sandy Stabenfeldt and I am the PATINS Southwest Regional Coordinator. I just recently found out about Gravatar and started using it.

  51. Hi, new challenge friends! I’m Julia Reynolds, the media specialist at Greenwood Community High School. I’m super happy to have a way to stay consistent with my avatars (and may I embarrassingly admit that I thought to be an “avatar” it had to be a cartoon?! Oops!). Gravatar is a great starting point for this challenge!

    • Don’t worry, I didn’t know what Avatar meant online until after the movie came out, which was really confusing…. The point is, I know now. Welcome to the challenge and enjoy!

  52. I am the art teacher at West Terrace Elementary–EVSC. I created my avatar using the Gravatar program. I will give it a try, but I’m not sure how much I will utilize it. I have a tendency to relate my picture/avatar according to what kind of site I am on and how much information I want to be public on those sites.

    Speaking of avatars though—- have any of you tried the Bitstrips app? It is absolutely just for fun and isn’t something you would use professionally….. but it is fun to make a cartoon avatar that looks just like you!

  53. Sorry, I didn’t say who I was. I am a business and technology teacher at Yorktown High School. I always want to be on the cutting edge of technology. I have never had any way to manage avatars in the past!

  54. I just created my avatar–very easy to do! I am a Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher at Lodge Community School for EVSC. I love finding ways to incorporate technology in my class. I have not yet set up separate personal/professional Facebook or Twitter accounts, but I see how having one avatar associated with all accounts would help me navigate the accounts better. I’m trying to get my Twitter account linked in, but the email associated with that account is no longer active, so Twitter is not letting me get into my account.

    • I had the same issue! I emailed Twitter repeatedly. It took about a week, but I finally have access to that account again. You must be persistent! Keep asking!

  55. Here’s a Hoot out from Sally Sternberg, Principal at Holy Family School in Jasper!

    I am excited to begin this 30 Day Challenge! Currently, I do not use anything to manage my avatars for my various accounts so I am looking forward to utilizing Gravatar.

  56. Hello, my name is Tracy Speer-Horn. I currently teach English at South Spencer High School. I am excited to be able to learn about new technology and look forward to incorporating it into my lessons. We have recently given all of our students ipads and I am trying to learn new ways to present information and lessons using the ipads. I can see how having an avatar that can help me quickly go back and find comments I have made on different sites by doing a quick visual seach for my icon. It would also help with giving other people an image they can relate to comments. It is another tool to help manage the overload we sometimes face with technology and saves us a little time and effort.

  57. Hello everyone!!!! My name is Michael Booth. I am the Media Specialist and Choral Director at North Newton Jr. Sr. High School. This is my first time with Gravatar and I am thrilled!!!! I always hate having to change my avatar for each website that I visit. There are too many websites to keep track of! What an amazing one stop tool to use!!!

    • Michael,
      Chalk this one up to our in house Web Guru Jerrad! We always try to start the challenges with a social blogging tool and when we were discussing this year’s opening challenge Jerrad jumped on it!

      Welcome to the Challenge, We guarantee you will walk away with lots of great new ideas!

  58. My name is Amy Kerney and I am the 5/6 Science teacher at Evansville Christian School. I have not used an avatar in the past. This is my first experience. Thanks for the info on how to use it.

  59. Greeting! My name is Pam Lindsey, and I am the Technology Integration Specialist for South Spencer School Corporation. This is a brand new role for both me and our schools, so we are are learning something new. Gravatar is just one more example of the exposure to new ideas that I come across every day. What a great way to streamline the process of using avatars with different accounts. Thanks for the idea!

    • Pam,
      We are hoping to keep the new Ideas flowing… While the subject of the posts are not always new to everyone, the conversations that come out of it are always huge in the learning process for all. The comments that come after the post are what most interests me.

  60. Hello, my name is Tiffany Todd. I am currently a Technology Integration Coach for Eastern Greene, but in two weeks I am moving to the Sullivan County Schools to be their Technology Integration Coach. I have taught 5th and 6th grade in the past. I loved using tech in my room and thought I would help educate other educators on how great Technology enhances the learning environment.
    I have never used an avatar besides the silly avatar I created for a profile picture. I am interested to see how it works.

  61. Hi everyone! My name is Leigha Coleman. I teach economics and sociology at Bosse High School. When managing my avatars I usually upload the same picture for each account manually. Since I have started using more accounts for school purposes, it has gotten confusing for me to keep up with which account has which picture and information. This tool seems to be great! I’m excited to see how it will work over time.

  62. Hey everyone! Mr. Fischer here from Reitz.

    Gravatar: TL;DR Version – Professional Life: Yes Personal Life: No
    I could see this being very handy for keeping a professional presence online and being able to trace it back to a universal profile. Saves time and effort. But using it for personal use? I wouldn’t. I like my anonymity online. I don’t like websites to have all of my personal information all the time. Many sites track your usage and your frequent purchases, what you like most, what you like least and can build a profile of the ads and products you are most likely to buy. So…using gravatar for professional life and professional websites?…I would use it. But for personal life? I wouldn’t.

      • Kris. Tried linking my gravatar to the icats page and there’s something funky going on with the picture. Any suggestions on getting the picture to show up?

        • Paul – when I place my mouse over your gravatar, it doesn’t bring up the hover card like everyone else’s. Check to make sure you saved your profile on and then refresh our website to see if it updates.

          Also – did you post your comment after you logged in to our website or did you use the Twitter, Facebook, Google, or WordPress options?

          • I saved it. Refreshed this site and logged out and back in. Didnt work. After I logged into your website. I commented before I created a gravatar. It’s okay if it doesnt work. I just wish there was a place to upload a photo to your website…then I could fix this.

    • Paul, I misread Jerrad’s post the first time and used my evsc google mail instead of my Outlook Mail account. The same thing happened to me. I went back into Gravatar and changed my primary email to my EVSC outlook account and it works great. See if that is the case.

  63. I teach Business/Technology in the 9th-12th grades at Gibson Southern High School (Fort Branch, IN)
    I used the Gravatar Tool for the first time today and really see a lot of uses for it as a teacher and for students.
    I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

  64. I just signed up for my Gravatar. I’m excited to see that it will associate a profile with the accounts that I select. In my role, it is important that I help people find my credentials and information easily. By using the Gravatar, I don’t have to take the time to constantly point folks to the different websites and resources that I am attached to. I’m looking forward to taking a longer look at how I can best complete that profile.

    One question I had was whether the Gravatar information would replace the biographical information that I alread have associated with an account like Blogger or Facebook. If anyone knows the answer to that, I’d love to know what you’ve learned before I associate those accounts with Gravatar:)

    • Tim,
      It does not look like it changes any profiles from your other pages, but rather pull’s them as links onto the Gravatar profile page. Your Gravatar profile shows as a landing page with your other pages as links: LinkedIN, Flickr, YouTube, etc…

    • I agree with Kris. I think if you have already established your avatar and info on your social networking accounts, I think the only thing that it will do is connect your social networking accounts to your Gravatar for use when you leave comments on websites and blogs.

      I’m going to experiment with something though. I don’t have a couple of the accounts listed in the Verified Services so I’m going to try and create one on Yahoo using my email address that I used when I setup my Gravatar and report back to see if it injects anything from Gravatar.

  65. I am Liz Murry and I teach ENL for the high schools. This is my first year at EVSC– we moved here from Saint Louis this fall and are still digging out of all the boxes.

    In the past i have always used different avatars on websites– I cut my teeth on LiveJournal, which encourages as many icons as possible– icon-making is an art form. I love the creativity involved in making a tiny little box an expression of yourself. So i will likely be switching out icons as I get bored. I realize that the idea of having an avatar is to make a person recognisable, but I just don’t believe that we stay the same.

    Thank you for the opportunity to play around on the web and learn!

  66. Thanks for starting the 30-day challenge. I have done a little bit in the past couple of years, but did not keep up with the challenge. Hopefully, I will make it through this year. I teach sixth grade math and science at Scott School. I love teaching 6th grade with our netbooks. In fact, I would not want to teach again where students did not have netbooks as a learning tool. There are so many things that are possible with netbooks. It takes teaching to a whole new level. The research capabilities are endless. My students love creating digital projects. I hope to get them started on Prezi’s this grading period.

  67. This seems like it will be a great tool to use. I have only had an avatar on My Big Campus, so I am interested to see how this will work. I think it will have a lot of uses across different platforms. I think students could use this, but I would want to review/discuss digital citizenship and online safety issues.

  68. Greetings,

    Katie, Congrats on being the first to take on the Day 1 Challenge!

    My Name is Kris Gordon and I am an Innovation Curriculum and Technology Specialist (ICATS) with the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation. In the past I have always tried to use the same image (avatar) on the websites I use. It was at the least a challenge to keep updated, but with Gravatar it is going to be much easier from now on.

    On another note….. We are very excited to bring you the third annual 30 Day Challenge and hope that you enjoy learning together. Today is an easy one to get your feet wet.

    Again, create your Gravatar and then introduce yourself to the group.

  69. Danielle Neel coming to you from AIS – Diamond where I teach Social Studies in the high school. Having two separate lives on the Internet, this makes it so much easier to remember which one I am using. In the past, I have just tried to remember which was which but with Gravatar, everything is so much simpler!

  70. John Wells here at EVSC’s Reitz High School. I teach high school English and journalism, advise student publication, and help push for more technology in the classroom through EVSC’s CODE and CORE groups.

    I just made my avatar, but in the past I have just used multiple accounts with different access for different people. But as I have done more with digital citizenship and modeling good online behavior, I have slowly been consolidating all my online activity and given almost everyone those profiles.

    • I think it’s great, especially when working with students and teachers/educators from other districts, that we can have something that quickly identifies us and is the same. It helps people make connections and helps students find us :)

  71. Jennifer Brandt, I teach German at Harrison High School, Gravatar was quick and very easy to use. I have never created or managed an avatar before. But I definitely like to streamline things, so this will help.

  72. I know it’s early, but I have created and used my Gravatar! In fact, I can see it right now below this post :)

    My name is Katie Hutchinson and I am an eLearning Coach for Greater Clark County Schools in Jeffersonville, IN.

    In the past, I have things all over the place. Twitter, Google+, WordPress. I try to keep the same picture and bios but it gets everywhere. Now I have my Gravater that can keep me connected! The thing I loved most is that by creating my Gravatar, I am now following blogposts and making more connections. It’s streamlining and creating more at the same time! So click my Gravatar and check me out on Twitter. And Google. And Pinterest. I’m everywhere now…

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