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Connected Educators Month

How To Participate in #evscchat

In the 3rd Monday of every month, the ICATS will host a Twitter chat, using the hashtag #evscchat. We will announce each month’s topic via Twitter, on our Facebook page, and on the ICATS website. In addition to creating a dialogue among educators, we hope this will be a great way to introduce folks to chatting via Twitter.

Whether you are a long-time member of the Twitterati or a beginner who is interested in exploring Twitter chats, we hope you will join us monthly from 3:00 to 4:00 PM CST for #evscchat.

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Make sure you have a Twitter account. Signing up is free and easy. You can do so at the Twitter website. If you would like some resources for getting started with Twitter, check out this LiveBinder.
  • A little before 3:00 PM on Monday, October 21st, login to Twitter.
  • Next, use the search window in the upper-right corner to search for “#evscchat”.

Search Window





  • After that, you will want to click the “All” link so that you can see all the tweets as they appear.

All Button




  • At 3:00, we will begin the chat. @EVSCICATS will be the moderator. If you don’t follow @EVSCICATS, you may want to. That way when we announce other opportunities, they will appear in your twitter feed. To follow someone, simply click on their name or do a search for their @handle. Then click the “Follow” button.
  • We’ll moderate the discussion by tweeting out a series of questions. A question will typically follow this format: “Q1: What are ways that you connect with other educators? #evscchat”. Notice that we added the hashtag #evscchat. That is what makes the question visible to anyone following the chat. No hashtag, no visibility.
  • To respond to the question, simply put the letter A and the question number, followed by your answer and the #evscchat hashtag like so: “A1: I prefer to connect through Twitter. I meet lots of new folks that way. #evscchat”. That way everyone can see your answer, even if they don’t follow you.









  • If someone shares a response that you like, feel free to reply to that person or to retweet their response. You can find these options by hovering over their tweet.




  • Feel free to tweet multiple responses to each question. Also, feel free to carry on side conversations that are sparked by the things people say. Just remember to always add the hashtag #evscchat so that we can see the conversation develop.

After the chat is over, we will create a record of the conversation and share it via Twitter, on the ICATS facebook page and on the ICATS website. You can earn PGP’s by going to the Professional Development website and signing up for the #evscchat and participating in the discussion.

We hope you will be able to join us. We look forward to a great discussion!

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