“I forgot to study for the test.”

”I left my field trip permission slip at home.”

“When is the science assignment due?”

Wouldn’t you love a program to remind students and parents of important dates and assignments via text messages and emails ?

There is an easy and safe solution.   Remind

REMIND is a notification program that sends out text and email messages from the teacher. The teacher’s phone number is NOT displayed and the service does not provide conversation interaction.  Teachers create a class in REMIND and the class is assigned a unique code that is used when students and parents sign up for text or email notifications.

Once they are signed up, students and parents will receive a text message or email from the teacher anytime it’s sent to the class.  Teachers log in to REMIND via the web to post a reminder.  Each message is limited to 140 characters.


Student and parent phone numbers are not displayed to the teacher since all subscribers are identified by name only.  Teachers can create up to 10 classes.

REMIND has the ability to schedule messages to be sent at a specific day and time.

This is a free notification service and a GREAT way for teachers to connect with parents and students.
photo credit: i_aint_got_no_id via photopin cc


  1. We have several teachers here at Reitz using this and they love it. I was going to implement it also, but I got started late. My plan is to start it up this quarter, especially as we move into the research paper unit.

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