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Keynotes from the Classroom: Finding Ways to Tell Our Story

About Keynotes from the Classroom

At this summer’s eRevolution Conference, we offered a series of TED-style Keynotes from the Classroom and Community.

Keynotes from the Classroom and Community is an idea that was born on the back of a paper napkin (as all great ideas are). What we wanted were the voices of real educators and community members who could help us articulate what is right about our profession. What we got was so much more, and we want to make sure that we share these amazing moments as broadly as possible, so if you missed eRev this year, consider the video below a great example of what you have to look forward to next year!

Lisa Boeglin

Lisa comes with a diverse background as a teacher, mentor teacher, and curriculum facilitator.  In addition, she spent 15 years of her career in the early childhood education arena as a Head a Start Director.  With most of her teaching experience concentrated in the primary grades, Lisa is passionate about giving her students a strong foundation in reading.  Lisa currently teaches 2nd grade at Cedar Hall Community School.

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