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2015-16 Photo Challenge: Week 19- Teachable Moments

This Week’s Theme- Teachable Moments

It’s amazing how quickly time seems to pass. We walk through the door in August, and suddenly it is January. What’s more impressive is how many opportunities we have in that time to change a life or make a difference. This school year we have already had thousands of teachable moments with our students. There are so many available to us, we have to pick and choose the right ones because no one could ever address them all. But we know we have the unique power to use these moments to help young people grow in amazing ways!

This week, we hope you will share with us images that represent the teachable moments that you find along the way. Show us the big ideas that you tap into, or the epic fails that lead to epic learning. Help us become aware of the many moments that tick past us as we live out our #EVSCstory.

NOTE: You absolutely DO NOT have to match the theme to share a picture with us. Feel free to share any photo that helps us tell the #EVSCstory at ANY time.

Week 19 Photo Challenge Final copy

This photo was created using Canva and PicMonkey. If you would like to know more about this tool or about photo editing, contact the ICATS.

How to Share Your Photos

There are four ways that you can share the photos that you take with us:

  1. You can share via Instagram – Simply post your Instagram photos using the hashtag #EVSCstory. Feel free to add other hashtags as well to indicate the theme (e.g. #TeachableMoments), or add more information to the caption to help tell the story.
  2. You can share via Twitter – Post your photos to Twitter using the hashtag #EVSCstory. Again, we invite you to add other hashtags, including some of our EVSC hashtags like #evscchat. You can also include our Twitter handle (@evscicats) to ensure we see your pictures as soon as you post.
  3. You can share via Facebook – Visit our ICATS Facebook page, click the Message button in the upper-right corner, and in the text of the message give us your name, school, and the theme for the week. Be sure to attach the photo by clicking the Add Files button. While you are there, we’d love it if you liked our page :) OR, simply share your image on your own Facebook feed, and include the #EVSCstory hashtag.
  4. You can share via email – If social media isn’t your thing, feel free to share your photos directly with us through email. Just attach your photos to an email and send them to [email protected]

How to Check Out the Photos

After each week’s challenge, we will post a link to the archive of the week’s photos here. Follow the link, and enjoy the story that unfolds!

Final Thoughts

Thanks to everyone who has shared pictures with the #EVSCstory community. We appreciate your efforts to tell our story and to share the great things you do everyday. Please continue to make your contributions to the work, and encourage your colleagues to join in the fun! We love to watch the amazing ways that time passes in the EVSC.

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