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Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge- Week 27- Digital Learning

NOTE: Since we missed 3 days last week, and because this IS Digital Learning Month, we thought we’d stay with this theme through Friday, March 13th. Help us celebrate by sharing how you learn digitally, and join us at IVY Tech this Thursday, March 12th, from 4:30-7:00 for the PEF Technology Showcase!

This Week’s Theme- Digital Learning

Can you believe that it is already March? This year, March is Digital Learning Month in Indiana, and there are a lot of festivities planned across the state and here in the EVSC. As part of that celebration, we are making this week’s photo challenge theme Digital Learning. We are interested in observing all of the ways that our educators have embraced the digital world as part of their approach to teaching and learning. Send us pictures that demonstrate how digital tools and resources make a difference to you, your colleagues and your students. Show us how your work has changed in the Digital Age. It’s amazing to think how much our profession has changed in just the last 5 years because of the digital world. It’s historic, really, and we hope you will help us document this remarkable part of our #EVSCstory.

NOTE: You absolutely DO NOT have to match the theme to share a picture with us. Feel free to share any photo that helps us tell the #EVSCstory at ANY time.

Week 27 Digital Learning

This photo was initially pulled from a digital video shot with an iPhone. The still image was edited in Canva (great web tool for designing images). If you would like to know more about Canva, check out this post.

How to Share Your Photos

There are four ways that you can share the photos that you take with us:

  1. You can share via Instagram- Simply post your Instagram photos using the hashtag #EVSCstory. Feel free to add other hashtags as well to indicate the theme (e.g. #DLM), or add more information to the caption to help tell the story.
  2. You can share via Twitter- Post your photos to Twitter using the hashtag #EVSCstory. Again, we invite you to add other hashtags, including some of our EVSC hashtags like #evscchat.You can also include our Twitter handle (@evscicats) to ensure we see your pictures as soon as you post.
  3. You can share via Facebook- Visit our ICATS Facebook page, click the Message button in the upper-right corner, and in the text of the message give us your name, school, and the theme for the week. Be sure to attach the photo by clicking the Add Files button. While you are there, we’d love it if you liked our page :) OR, simply share your image on your own Facebook feed, and include the #EVSCstory hashtag.
  4. You can share via Google Drive- If social media isn’t your thing, feel free to share your photos directly with us through Google Drive. Use this link to access our shared folder. You will need to then click the blue Open in Drive button. Then drag your photo into the window, or click the red upload arrow in the upper-left to search for your photo and click Open. It would help us if you would name your photo with the week’s theme and your name and school.

How to Check Out the Photos

After each week’s challenge, we will post a link to the archive of the week’s photos here. Follow the link, and enjoy the story that unfolds!

Final Thoughts

It takes a team to tell the #EVSCstory!  To date we have collected more than 850 fantastic photos, and we can’t wait to add this week’s batch to the mix! We would appreciate your help in growing this project. Please consider sharing the project with your colleagues. Also, we hope you will feel free to continue to tell your part of the #EVSCstory at any time, simply by sharing the great photos that you take as you go about your day.

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