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Want to see your students’ photos on your Seating Charts?

No matter if you’re starting off the school year or updating your seating charts to move everyone to a different spot, visit the RDS Gradebook Attendance screen and turn on the photo option to display student photos.  This will not only help you learn their names at the start of school but it will certainly help if you have a substitute teacher in your room at some point during the year.

PLEASE NOTE: This option is only available from the Attendance panel and not the Gradebook.


RDS Attendance Seating Chart PhotosTo turn on this feature, make sure that you are viewing your attendance in the seating chart format.  Go to Attendance and select Seating Chart from the Format menu at the top.

Next, click on View and then Show Pictures.  (see photo)

Now you’re all set! Move the kiddos around on the chart and then click Printable Version at the bottom to print it out.

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