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UPDATE: 2014-15 RDS Gradebook Status

2014-15 RDS Gradebook Status

The Office of Technology would like to thank everyone for their patience as they work to get the class lists loaded to the Teacher Module Gradebook. Please be aware that when you do finally see your classes in the grade book and attendance window, everything is still changing due to enrollment.  Be sure to check your class lists again Monday morning for the latest information.

Here’s what we know:

  • Middle Schools and High Schools are loaded and ready.
  • Some Elementary Schools are ready and the rest is being loaded as we speak.
  • By Monday morning, ALL classes for ALL schools should be loaded to the Teacher Module. Students in your classes are still subject to change though.

Current issues and what you need to do

  • If you log in to RDS Gradebook and your name and/or school is incorrect, please email Russell Dugan to get it fixed. Include your RDS username in the email.
  • If you currently have the wrong classes listed in your attendance and/or gradebook, wait until Monday before notifying the Office of Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see grading scales in my gradebook that are from a teacher who taught in my position in the past.  Can I delete them?
A: No.  The grading scales from the previous teacher are linked to past student records in the Student Archive.

Q: I had a student transfer out of my class but they’re still listed in my gradebook.  Do I need to take them out?
A: No. If a student receives a schedule change, the school office will make the change in RDS and the student will disappear from the active view in your gradebook the next school day.

Q: I have forgotten my password to my RDS.  Who do I email?
A: Email [email protected] and include your RDS username in the body of the message.  Someone in IT will get your account reset.

Q: I want to learn how to set up my gradebook.  Where can I find resources?
A: We have a page called Back to School Resources that have resources on setting up your gradebook along with resources for MyBigCampus, Google Apps, and Promethean.

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